Different types of students (Essay/Paper Sample)

Different types of students

In a classroom students present with different characters that are informed by the transformations they experience that differentiate them from others. The different students include: the geek also referred as the nerd. The student’s primary focus is on their teachers and their studies. Their life rotates around books, as they love to read as opposed to having a social life. The students are self-disciplined, mature, and uncomfortable in the social surrounding. Thus, tend to be introverts. They are attentive in class, enjoy understanding the concepts, they know all the answers yet rarely voice them out and are dedicated to their studies. The students are excellent and pass well but rarely show off or celebrate about it.

The second type is the star students. Considered as the most popular student in school, they are all-rounded in that they shine in all they do. The student engages in sports, extra-curriculum arts activities such as drama or singing, and in class, rank among the A students. The student has the drive to be the best, the will to improve their performance and skills in sports or other activities. Moreover, they are eager to be engaged in different activities. Their drive to achieve all these is by challenging themselves, working speedily and the pride of seeing themselves succeed. These students are the beloved within the school.

The teacher’s pet is the third type of students. The student likes sitting at the front of the class to be closer to the teachers. They are best at laughing at the teacher’s jokes; engage the teachers more than any other students with numerous unending questions both in class and outside. Both the educators and students consider them annoying due to their disturbing attitude and are avoided by most students while others bully them. Nevertheless, they are smart and good performers.

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The know-it-all student is one notoriously known for having a response to every question the teacher asks and always has their hands up. They like to be the ones always to share and like to dominate other students. Their drive is the need for attention, feeling of superiority and the need to be always right. Additionally, they ask many irrelevant questions to the discussion at hand, just to gain attention from their counterparts. These students tend to overdo things just to be the best and eventually come out as fanatical. However, their enthusiastic contributions do not necessarily reflect in their grades.

The drifter is the student that cannot just stay awake in class. The student usually stay up late at night watching movies, drinking or playing video games, making them tired or are just bored with the class. Every few minutes they wake up and look attentive, but after some time their sleep overwhelms them and cannot help but fall asleep.

The goofball is the student that jokes the most in class. The student makes jokes all the time just to get the class to laugh, and in most cases are considered funny by their classmates and the teacher. The student’s drive is humor, lack of seriousness and the need to be in a lively environment. Their humor is used in charming their way into everything including making ridiculous yet unreliable excuses and considers themselves experts in several issues thereby giving unsolicited advice. However, their jokes at times overstretch, and the teacher stops them.

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