Different Reasons Why People Communicate (Essay Sample)

Communication is essential in human interaction, without it the world would be in an unimaginable chaos. Imagine a world wherein people cannot understand each other because they do not know how to communicate. How can people transact business and everything when there is no communication? Communication is learning the language we speak, giving body signals and other body language. Without it even the smallest work cannot be accomplished.

When you came out of your mother’s womb, the first thing you did was cry. That was the first way you learned how to communicate with your parents. Whenever you want anything you just cry and your parents already understood that you are hungry or in need. As you grow old you learn how to speak and utter words that everybody can understand, that is the second phase of your communication skills. The next phase is when you enter in your teen years; this is when you learn how to make facial expressions. When you are annoyed with your classmate, you roll your eyes at them. When you have done something wrong and you did not want your parents to know, you keep silent. When you are afraid of the monsters that might creep in your bed while you are sleeping, you close your eyes and cry.

Everything we do and anything we say is a way of communicating. Body language tells people what you feel even if you do not say a word. Facial expressions justify what has been said and done. Even silence communicates when words are not enough to express what a person feels. Communication is a necessity that nobody can deny even if they say they do not need it. People communicate even before they can learn how to speak and write.

We do communication in our everyday life whether we like it or not. It is part of our lives and we will not progress if we do not communicate. To socialize we have to open our mouth and speak and when words come out of our mouth that is when communication starts. When the person we are talking to responds two-way communication happens. This does not only happen when two person are talking, communication can also happen within oneself. Interpersonal communication is happening when the person is communicating with his self.

The main question is, is communication necessary? Why do people have the need to communicate?

People communicate to understand other people and to interact. It is necessary because without it people will fight because misunderstanding can happen. Imagine a group of people with different ideas and not being able to communicate. The people will surely fight because the other person will assume because he cannot understand the perspective of the other.

Communication enables people to create a group that will understand each other. One good example of communication is love. When two people enter a relationship, they will plan for their future and their dream family. Planning includes communication; therefore, the foundation of their plans is thru communicating with each other and telling each other their plans. Another is in a family, when the child enters his or her dream university he or she has to tell her parents her passion so that they will understand whatever path he or she might take. Last example is in a company, stockholders will hold a meeting to plan the future endeavor’s of the company. Communication is most needed in this situation, because not just the future of the company will be affected but the lives of all the employees in it. If the stockholders will not communicate with each other, the company will surely go down.

Communication is needed, because without it people will be just like objects, no emotions, no language and no interaction.

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