Diet Analysis Paper (Essay/Paper Sample)

Dietary adequacy and its healthfulness

  • Energy – I consume 1800 calories, and the amount used is 2000 calories. This leaves a deficit of 200 which leads to an imbalance in energy.
  • Protein – it has to amount to between 10 and 35 percentage of the total calories in the body.  I had a task of 250 to 850 but my intake was 230, this was below the goal.
  • Vitamins – my diet had a deficiency in vitamins. Vitamin A was below 30%, whereas vitamin C was about 90%. It was related to intake of calories. Vitamin C intake is considered efficient because it is above 70%.
  • Minerals – my diet has a deficiency in mineral whereby calcium was about 40%, and iron was less than 54% .This is based on intake of 2000 calories daily.
  • Fiber – Fiber was about 33% of my total intake related to the 2000 calories daily.


  • Saturated fat – My content of saturated fat was about 23.2 g which equals 77% of my day to day intake.
  • Sodium – my average sodium was 2700 mg. DRI recommends about 2400 mg daily which makes my consumption high in sodium.
  • Cholesterol – the DRI gives a recommendation of about 330 mg, and my cholesterol was 340 mg related to my daily intake of 2000 daily. Thus my intake was high.


  • Percentage of average calories from carbohydrate and fat as well as protein.

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