Dictionary And Its Uses (Essay Sample)

Dictionary And Its Uses

Humans developed a unique way of maintaining their cognitive development by making use of references. This includes the creation of dictionary, which is a book that contains a list of words that are acceptable by major academic disciplines. When dictionary was developed during the ancient times, academic professionals during that time were glad that they finally have a reference point that can be used to guide them when creating new manuscripts. As technology developed, it facilitated the use of papers for scholars to begin jotting down notes. Scholars during the medieval and renaissance era finally revised the dictionary by starting to include new words. The dictionary has been playing an important role in our society that has been influencing academic professionals.

The use of a dictionary is to provide insights to anyone who is looking for an exact vocabulary that fulfills their interest. Dictionary is an important material for every person to have a reference to what they are going to achieve on a daily basis. Learning a certain term provided by the dictionary is an essential way of enhancing the skill and knowledge to become productive. As a person who wants to become productive in their respective career, it is important to refer to the words and other variables that are enhanced by the dictionary. The process of knowing certain information enables a person to become functional and reliable in the future. In this case, the value of knowing something significant seeks to improve the productivity of a person to become more successful. In this case, becoming successful in your respective career improves your value and perspective to improve your knowledge about your interests.

A dictionary serves as a support system to improve your academic career. There are numerous lists of facts and details regarding a certain insight or scenario that provides a relevant insight to a person’s interest. Improving your academic career is important because you are able to improve your grades for each semester while using the dictionary. If you are going to start creating your essay or written project, a dictionary provides a structure that seeks to promote your knowledge over a certain fact or experience. There are millions of words that are engaged inside a dictionary so that it becomes very useful for anyone who wants to find some answers to any queries. Using a dictionary aims to increase your chances of passing your subject because it confirms your doubts about a certain issue that should be implied.

Sadly, a dictionary is not a useful material for individuals who are illiterate. The reason behind is that people who are illiterate are unable to understand the context of the dictionary as they cannot read. This is similar to the handicapped individuals because the dictionary is unable to help people who are not able to use their sense of sight. As a person, your sight is the main reason for dictionaries because you are able to read the contexts that are indicated inside the reading material. Visually impaired individuals have their unique way of reading contexts through the use of tactile sensorium. There are brailed contexts that are available in the bookstores that provide individuals to have a reason for improving their reading and comprehension through the use of brail system such as the contexts that have been implied by the dictionary (Erdman & Cho, 2010).


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