Dialogue Between Three Person (Example)

Topic: Homosexuality is Unnatural

Speaker 1:  I do not understand how it is that a person identifies as a gay. This is an unnatural for a person to be attracted to other persons of the same sex. This is a choice that gay persons make and has nothing to do with the genes that they have inherited from their parents of their grandparents. Naturally, males are attracted to the females at any given time. It is for this reason that even the continuity of most of the species are reliant on the ability of the males and females to interact sexually. If nature intended that people have tendencies where they are attracted to the same sex even reproduction would be geared towards these kinds of interactions. In fact, the humans have body forms are different, when compared between the sexes. There is a reason as to why the body form of the males are not compatible. This is in reference to the male genitalia, when compared to that of the females. There is an element compatibility that is associated with male and female genitalia, that is also common in animals.

Speaker 2: I think it is important to make sure that where are not looking at this elements in isolation. What you have to consider is that the natural aspect of the sexuality orientation is something that is also found in the animals. This is to mean that even the animals have some natural tendencies that are associated with homosexuality. If the animals have the same tendencies as the humans when it comes sexuality, this is an evolutionarily element that further points to the fact that, humans can also experience the same, as it has been evident.

Speaker 1: This is an approach that is actually not accurate. Animals also have the element of heterosexuality when compared against the humans. We cannot use the element of animals having tendencies to play around with others of the same sex. Ideally, there are tendencies such as cannibalism, rape, incest, physical abuse and even theft. However, these are habits that are considered abnormal. There is an element of abnormality associate with each and every behavior mentioned above. As such, this cannot then be used as reference points, to justify as to why one is attracted to persons of the same sex.

Speaker 3: There are some important aspects associated with the element of sexuality that the two of you are not considering. One is that, these are habits that are associated with mental health. Research has indicated that, there are a number of predisposing factors that cause most of the people in this category to change their sexual orientation. Aspects such as abuse, early exposure to pornography, strong social pressure and even traumatic incidents tend to impact the mental health of the persons involved. These are events in a person’s life that are likely to affect the way they are oriented sexually relative to habits that they develop after the experiences. The element of how much genes come into the development of such habits is relative and one that I think requires more research. I would say, this is a habit that is largely acquired than it is inherited. No one is born being gay or lesbian most of these are habits that one picks up as they interact with their environment. As such, it is important to consider the experiences that has had, other than the genetic lineage. Where genes are a factor, it is important to give the science some time, till it can be refined to establish the truth.

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