Devil In Blue Dress (Analysis Essay Sample)

Devil in Blue Dress

“Devil in blue dress” is a hard boiled mystery novel that was written by Walter Mosley. It was first published in the year 1990. The main character is Ezekiel Rawin “easy” that was an ordinary person but later transformed into a detective. The novel was a real African-American inspiration. Walter uses characters like mouse that is shadowy and very mysterious. It is believed that he killed his stepfather due to inheritance issue. Mouse is seen as friendly loyal although was unpredictable and violent. Another character Dewitt Albright who was the one that hired easy to be the detective. Albright is less ambiguous presented though very unpredictable and dangerous. He is also seen to have no moral. Daphne Monet is mysterious and elusive her mother is an African-American. Monet leaves her home to another place that sees her poses different personalities hence called “chameleon” Ezekiel Rains is the main character that sees he move from different work places but end up being a detective. The novel “devil in blue dress”, Walter is seen using animal symbol to describe their characters. For instance Alexandra Raymond as mice, Monet Daphne as chameleon and Rawin as jay bird on his fence. This essay seeks to describe “devil in blue dress” and the summary as well as the analysis part of it.

The novel begins with Easy trying to work things out after his work was over and he was unable to pay out his mortgage. Easy was sited at a bar which was owned by Joppy. After some time Dewitt Albright’s walk in. Dewitt offers him o job in searching for a girl called Monet. Monet was a woman who was believed to be hanging out on different bars especially in bars where there are African American. In the same bar Easy manages to meet old friends from Texas, Coretta and Dupree. Easy is given wrong information about the address of easy since Coretta claimed he knew her. After a couple of drinks they went home and easy had sex with Coretta though Dupree was sleeping in the next room. Easy left early in the morning without checking on Coretta but later on he is arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of Coretta. Easy later on was released and finally got hold of Monet after she had stole millions from a certain wealthy business man. Todd Carter was the name of the business man. Albright wanted to keep for himself but later on he was unable. With the help of Mouse easy managed to rescue Monet and they killed Albright and Joppy. Mouse revealed that Monet is an African American and had her sister in local gangster. Daphne leaves in short while when easy was left to do the clean up with the police. Todd Carter had before hired Albright to find Monet, he was approached by easy and he requested Todd to be part of the police by blackmailing him that he will leak the information about his affairs with a black woman. Easy is later on given the detective position in the police, as mouse goes back to as while Monet escapes.

In conclusion “devil in blue dress” is a novel that was written to show how one can rise to be a detective although he may not have qualified. Easy is seen struggling with life since he worked at the factory and other places but later on he could not mange his mortgage but he receives a job to be a detective. Easy is compared as a jay bird since every time he slammed his body on the fence, they jay began as if he was giving a trying in flying. The jay was a real symbol or signified simple. Monet who was an African American is seen to poses different personalities since she engaged in bad activities and could change into different person. Mouse helped jay in his work an later decide to go back to Texas. Walter Mosley has impressed many people with his novel that has seen even a film ‘devil in blue dress” acted and filmed by Carl Franklin.

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