Describe A Basketball Game (Essay Sample)


Describing a basketball game is like experiencing the most exciting part in your life that you can share it with other individuals. In this case, it is like telling a story regarding your experience towards a game that could inspire your hearts while watching the participants to win over against the other team. Watching a basketball game is similar to a news reporting activity wherein you are going to describe the situation affected by the game. Going through with the discussion, basketball is known as a team sport wherein it is comprised of at least five players who will be assigned inside the court to shoot, guard, block, and monitor the movement of the competitors during the game between the two teams.

As the audience, you will realize that basketball is competitive contact sports because there are two teams who will be clashing against each other. One of the most important goals of each team is to score higher than their opponent team. The team who successfully garnered the highest score will win after the competition. The team with the lower score obviously losses the competition. Each team has designated rings for them to shoot. The opponent should shoot the ball into their assigned rings; otherwise, the score will be added to their opponent’s score. Since it is a contact and a competitive sports event, each team is required to shoot the ball when one of the team members hands it from the opponent. Each player is required to steal, assist, rebound, and block the ball as an advantage against the opponent as a way to score a point during a competitive competition within the court.

There are downfalls in a basketball games, these are unacceptable violations wherein a player could become aggressive while trying to play their favorite sport. One example is traveling, which is when a person does not dribble the ball while traversing the court on their way to the ring. However, the most serious and unacceptable violation is when there is a physical aggression between the players against other players. Sometimes, there are heated arguments applied between the players and the referees. And in other case, the coaches are also involved in unacceptable behaviors when they initiate verbal or physical harassments against their opponents. Violations may vary from fouls, suspensions, to total ban from the court and other future basketball games. This is to prevent similar incidents that might cause intimidation and violence against other players, staff, and to the public.

The lessons learned from the basketball game are all about the significance of maintaining a consistent physical activity. Exercise is one important feature that allows a person to become physically fit because playing the game for at least more than two hours increases your stamina, strengthens your muscle, and develops your logical functioning especially during college years (Marshall, 2014). This is why many people are fascinated with sports because it makes them highly sociable while maintaining their healthy physical lifestyle. If you are a sporty individual, playing basketball is one of the most exciting activities that you will be encountering in your life because you will be able to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being during the game. This is provided that you will not be engaged in unacceptable practices such as being involved in violations, physical aggressions, and other ethical issues that are unacceptable.


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