Demerits Of Traditional Food (Essay Sample)


Traditional foods is a topic with a myriad of definitions and descriptions across the board but it seems to depend mainly on who seeks to know about this topic, why he or she needs the information they seek for, or from whom  they attempt to get the information from. In this article, the focus is mainly based on discussing some of the demerits of these traditional foods. However, it would be prudent to first give a basic description of what traditional foods are all about. Traditional foods are the natural kinds of foods or modes of dishes or meals that have a great depiction or borrow a lot or all the aspects that were practiced by the ancestors back in the old centuries or from days of as old as one can imagine. These foods are or were taken and prepared direct from the farm without having to go through any forms of processing like in the kinds of foods we take in modern times that have been scientifically modified, industrially processed, have added preservatives, packaging and all sorts of modern times machinations. One word that can close to wholly define traditional foods is original food.

After having such a good description about the traditional foods, here on the contrary is a discussion on some of the demerits that come along with traditional foods. Since most of the traditional foods do not undergo forms of testing to ascertain the nutritional values that are contained in them, they may not be the best arguing from the point of a nutritionist, who will definitely advise people to go for foods that offer a valuable nutritional content.

With traditional foods, the risks of taking contaminated food are higher. This is because there may not be the defined necessity to check for any contaminations in such foods since they are believed to be fresh and originally grown or farmed and hence automatically safe for consumption.

Some traditional foods such as meat are gotten from wild animals. This poses a great risk to the consumer as no one has any track records of what they feed on, what environments they have been exposed to, or even whether these game could be infected with some kinds of deadly diseases. Consuming such kinds of game meat could result to tremendous consequences if any infections or diseases are passed onto the human consumer.

Consuming fatty meats and raw milk could also pose a great risk to the health of the consumers as it could cause more serious complications such as diabetes, cancer and heart diseases due to high levels of cholesterol.

Another interesting demerit about traditional food is that traditional foods are not that much nice by the looks, they are not so appealing as modern foods are and hence many people could find this as quite a big turn off.

The traditional foods are praised for their richness in nutrients of all kinds. This might not be good news for a modern day person who only needs portions and in a balanced manner. The reason for this is that our ancestors used to work long hours, do a lot of menial work and some walked long distances. This was effectively serviced by the surplus nutrient filled meals. For the current day person, not so many work long hours and for that matter on heavy menial tasks, just strolling around company offices or rolling on the office chair with the palms on the keyboard and mouse. Too much fat, proteins and such nutrients found in traditional foods would render such a modern person ill.

In a nutshell, traditional foods are the foods that are prepared naturally and taken as the ancient fathers did. These foods have no industrial processing involved. Despite the many advantages that comes with traditional foods, there also are the disadvantages that have been discussed widely in this paper. It is upon the reader to decide on what suits them the best.

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