Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics

If you had ever experienced a problem of what topic for the descriptive essay to choose, then this article is meant for you. First of all, we should understand, that descriptive essay topics should explain or at least outline the process, the person or the action. As we can get from the essay name, it should describe something. Topics of the descriptive essay are closely connected with how something is done or will be done. The topic should be laid out the way to give visual impression of the action or object described.

Descriptive essay is written for the reflection of certain actions to describe the way something works, to show its motions or even describe people who perform this actions. When you start choosing the topic, please assure that you are going to write about something that will attract people’s attention and grasp their interest. The main goal of you as a writer is to keep reader’s interest and motivate them to continue reading to the very end of your essay. Think of your topic as if it is a bite which will draw audience mind into the strong desire to know more about your essay contents.

They may be used to reflect an action of the way a certain thing works, its motion or even be used to describe certain people or things. While choosing this kind of a topic, please make sure that you settle on something that people will really want to spend their time on reading. Consider this topic as bait that will draw the reader’s mind into wanting more of the essay’s contents.

The title to a descriptive essay may also be guided by the subject size and, or its nature. The object being described should be precise. This helps in a large way so that readers are not left guessing or filling in hanging thoughts because the writer wrote something that may well fit a cow’s description and at the same time fit a toad’s description. The important thing to note here is to take caution that you do not end up sounding vague.

You may want to settle on topics that will render the feeling of the subject in question. Remember your goal here is to make the reader experience almost the same thing that you have experienced before, only this time you’re using words to do this. Let the reader’s mind create imaginations almost as clear as your past experiences.

Below are 25 examples of topics that one can write on under this category.

List of topics fo descriptive essay writing

  1. How to climb a mountain effectively
  2. How the Bermuda triangle operates
  3. How birds look after their young ones
  4. How to reduce weight
  5. How to revise for exams effectively
  6. How lions became king of the jungle
  7. How elephants sleep
  8. How to get rich without stealing from people
  9. How football was discovered
  10. How light manages to travel very fast
  11. How to make toothpicks
  12. How to sleep peacefully
  13. How to brush your teeth without hurting yourself
  14. How  to become a great thinker
  15. How writing was discovered
  16. The way sound waves travel
  17. The reason why men have muscles
  18. How the sea lions are adapted to their environment
  19. The untold myth of the longest snakes
  20. How to keep warm in very cold places
  21. How to remain relevant in your work place
  22. How to become the first at all times
  23. How eve was tricked by the serpent
  24. How to buy things online
  25. How to acquire a loan from a bank.
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