Deep Blue Is Not Blue Enough (Essay Sample)

Deep Blue is not blue enough

Deep Blue will never be blue enough until the time it will be able to hallucinate. Not until a computer hallucinates, it can never be gotten into a state to think. It’s evident enough that not even a single scientist, working at Artificial Intelligence will consider consciousness as a priority during programming computers. To these mind archeologists, the self of human comes out of brain which they term as ‘a machine.’ Others refer to people as a unique staggering machine while to others people are a more workable tool of which they believe that they will be surpassed in the future.

With this kind of thinking, Artificial Intelligence Frontiers have kept on revealing mechanism wonders. Some scientists stimulated a robot with the brains of a fish, and whenever this robot saw the lights, they would move in that direction. There are those that came up with electronic noses that are more sensitive than the human nose. They can smell an illness! These have been and many more wonders that scientists have done. It makes people start thinking of themselves and wonder who they are. Could they be machines themselves? However triggering and lovely the machines are, human intelligence will remain to be better than the result of a mere crescendo that is evolving.

The theory above brings us to wonder how depth of Deep Blue; how deep is Deep Blue, Is it blue enough? Reminiscing on this event that happened some years back, Deep Blue beat the famous chess champion Kasparov in a chess championship. Deep Blue is a computer program. Before the championship, Kasparov had claimed the championship to be a defense for the human race; the computers should not get into the way of the creativity of the human race. Deep Blue proved him wrong. From this event, it was clear that the capacity of the creativity of people has is not as huge as they perceive. This may be true but is Deep Blue, blue enough?

The capacity of human intelligence is incomparable to Deep Blue, but what about consciousness. This takes us back to our first statement when we said that the only way we can get computers to think is by first making them hallucinate. This is where Deep Blue fails to become blue enough. It is true that Deep Blue could win chess. But on the other hand, could it recognize the game itself? Could it pick up a chess piece? Can it make a conversation of the competition? It has no self-awareness. It can search through a code of sequence without knowing what it is doing.  The other thing is that a computer program has no emotions. Computers therefore still have got a long way to go. There is still a deficiency in the power of sheer computing. There is this complexity in which brain is organized that computers don’t have it yet.

The capability that Deep Blue portrayed by beating a chess champion threatened some scientist who is afraid that computers will surpass human intelligence in a few decades to come. This might be true if the few things mentioned above will be considered by these scientists. Regarding intelligence, it is right that Deep Blue can do better than a human being, but the question remains, what is intelligence without consciousness? For that matter of fact, Deep Blue is not blue enough.

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