Cyberspace Friendship (Essay Sample)

Cyberspace Friendship

“From its initial interest in people, the internet has been linking different universities, people government and even laboratories. This has turned to a global network connecting between 30 to over 50 million people. Since then emails and social linkages has seen people uniting from different parts of the world. Up to date there are over 100 million internet users who majorly use social media platform to reach each other. Groups have been formed and friendship has been created due to the internet.However internet has also its drawbacks since one can build a relationship, but to maintain over the internet has been of great challenge. After its usage people have come up with bugs in form of mails which completely crushes the computer upon the click of a button. This essay seeks to describe how the world has been linked with people and groups formed with different reasons especially some call it news group.

Most of the early research was based on laboratories. They used computers as a source to link up various lab departments in different place in order to carry out research on chemicals and various scientific is due to this link the solution to problems were easily got. The relationships are easily built but can be quick to end since a research was carried out and the findings were that it developed a negative personal relationship between groups. This is due to people do not fear to splash hateful words, aggression blunt disclosure and also unusual behavior .the technology as per now has greatly impacted different morals to youths, old aged people and also children who are still growing up. From Facebook, twitter, email and other social media platforms, cyberspace friendship has not only played an integral part in friendship but also it has unleashed a new behavior in people who end up in conflict or also know the way to hurt others. This online communication should be less personal, less adaptive an inhibitive. This is not to conclude that positive personal friendship is impossible but suggest that electronic setting provides chance for social relationship and less evaluation of one’s apprehension. This is to suggest that cyberspace should predict that positive personal relationship online should occur infrequently than always or frequently.

When James and his best friend back from high school went to college, were separated by 1000 miles, the score to each other that they would still be best friends and will always keep in touch .for a while they kept texting and chatting with each other suggesting that their friendship was still strong. After months James realized that his friend is slowly drifting away, started with excuses of not having time to chat and being much busy. “I saw my friends profile picture replaced by his new friends and I feel like am replaced. “This shows how cyberspace can change one’s mind and how relationships can break off if people depend on online communication. This Internet and use of computer in cyber friendship has played a vital role in life but one has to learn how to control or manage friendship. Joban received an email containing “I love you “upon clicking of the confirmation button his computer crashed since bugs were set to attack the software’s.This is internet is a simple network that connects different computers across the world. People can use it with positive intention or create negative ambition that kills a person’s motive. For instance the’ love bug. The interconnection of computer has riley made life simple and relatively perfect however one should be careful with the side effect seen as a result of bad intention.

In conclusion, cyberspace friendship depends on one’s ability to control stated with interconnection between different laboratory research groups but of late social media platform has been used to make unwanted remarks or judgment to a Person. Friendship started online should be well maintained and friends need to embarrass face to face friend ship also because it creates a positive relationship.

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