Customer Always Right (Essay/Paper Sample)

Customer always right

The phrase customer always right is strongly used in firms and organizations to urge the servicemen and women to provide proper goods and services to customers. For the purpose of winning the customers’ loyalty and attitudes, the service provider is obliged to take keen note on the customers’ complaints and promptly act on them. The customer always right slogan only applies when the customers are honest and up for noble duties. The slogan is used as guiding principles for the manufacturing companies to improve and adjust on their service delivery. Positive customers’ remarks indicate good services delivery and market acceptance of goods and services. However, negative comments from the customers would compromise the reputation of the firms thus leading to low market control. This paper shall discuss the relevance of the phrase “customer always right” in terms of the growth and expansion of the corporation.

Customers’ loyalty to a company is won by satisfactory services delivery. Service staffs including the senior managers of the corporation should give all customers high priority when it comes to service delivery. In other words, the customers should feel satisfied immediately after being attended to by the services staffs. In the event that there is slightly complaints from the customers, the matter should then be treated seriously to clear any notion of deception that could arise. It is the customers first then other issues follow later. The service staffs should be ready to understand the customer’s’ plight and respond shiftily to quench their demand. Since the sustainability of the organizations relies on the existence and the availability of the customers, it is, therefore, necessary to protect their interest within the organization.

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The authenticity and the honesty on the phrase have become the greatest challenges for many organizations. The phrase has only become a challenge to fulfill the customer’s’ expectation since some may give an unrealistic expectation for satisfaction. Despite the facts that corporates are interested in serving and meeting the demands of the customers, some customers have proven stubborn and malicious for the growth and development of the corporation. The growing dishonesty culture in some customers has subjected much organization to inevitable losses. In some instances, customers have developed unrealistic expectations that they forced to be accomplished by the organizations. Very few claims raised from the customers have been established and verified by the organization but most claims are mere allegations. In regards to this, it becomes complicated to understand and accepts all the claims raised by the customers. Dishonest customers are more difficult to assist since they merely bring losses to the organizations. However, building everlasting reputation widely relies on the principles and regulations of the corporations. In the case of any integrity matters escalating from the customers, then the corporation should comprehensively investigate the matter and publish the report. Such reports should remain accessible to the public and private institutions to clear the air.

In conclusion, the widely used slogan of the customer always right has two perspectives. First, it depends on the personality of the customers. Honest customers with realistic dreams and expectations about services delivery are easy and to assist. However, dishonest customers make their claims complicated to be substantiated since the firms have to conduct a comprehensive investigation to establish the authenticity of their claims. Otherwise, the firm may undertake unnecessary losses due to dishonest and irrelevant claims from some customers. The corporation should only take responsibility and compensate customers when there is sufficient supporting evidence that indeed, their claims are valid.

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