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Why Students Choose Custom Writing Services?

The digital era has meant that writing services, which have always existed in one form or another, have been able to expand and proliferate due to the greatly expanded customer base. This customer base, while much greater than the one any of the individual services had before, is nonetheless not big enough to fulfil the needs of all the services at once, leading to those services competing with each other for the chance to be seen as the best at what they do.

Though every essay writing services says that they are the best, this cannot logically be true – there must be varying qualities between all the sites, though what varies might change. A service must show that it is reliable and can deliver good content, rather than simply relying on the power of advertising.

The reasons behind why more and more students are turning to writing services are too complicated to make sense of in this article, since they vary from person to person, and involve changes in academia as well as society itself. This article will therefore focus on giving reviews of five different custom writing services with a view to comparing how they all fare when it comes to price, security, reliability, writer qualifications, delivery times, and more. The list will not be in any particular order, but will give honest opinions about the pros and cons of each website.

For anybody who is looking for a good and reliable writing service, hopefully this article will help. seems to be a very reliable essay writing service, simply to judge from its well-thought out website. The testimonials which are displayed at the bottom of the screen also bear this out, though we should bear in mind that the service would be unlikely to include negative testimonials on its own site. The site says that it is just for students, though I am sure that other people could also benefit from its use, but perhaps the site is mainly geared towards academic writing. The process of ordering is straight-forward, and shown right on the front page through a series of easy-to-understand graphics, with the means to order similarly shown very clearly to the right of the screen. The blurb on the front page indicates that there are no hidden costs to the site, and having the order page immediately in front of a potential customer certainly seems as if it would help matters. The front page offers several different methods of communication, from the normal phone number, live chat, and email, to the various social media sites that this site operates on. The FAQ section of the site is normal for such a section, and tells prospective customers what they would be expected to ask, such as how reliable the site is, how revisions work (which is also featured on the front page), and what qualifications the writers have. This site is unusual in that it does not offer discounts for the normal situations – it offers a fifteen percent discount for first-time clients, which isn’t unusual…but it also offers several layers of discounts to loyal customers, discounts which can be arranged by the client themselves. has a very well-laid out website, with clear font and colours, and links in appropriate places. The testimonials, giving us user reviews of essay writing services, which scroll across the bottom of the page also show that the site is a useful and well-used service – examination of the samples which the staff on-site have made available to the public show why the site is so well-liked. They are well done, indicating writers and editors who are good at their job. This site is unique among the ones being reviewed here in that it indicates that it handles professional orders from various industries as well as the more expected student body. The ordering process, shown in full on the front page, is one which seems both easy and straightforward. The actual means by which clients can order is directly to the right of the graphic detailing the order process, and this backs up the sites claim that there are no hidden costs applied to orders. The site advertises several methods of communication – it has a live chat, there are phone numbers and emails, and the site itself has several social media accounts. It seems as if a client could get in touch with the staff very easily, if they needed to. The FAQ site is one which involves most of the questions which would be expected from such a site – it includes questions about revisions (the sites offers free revisions and rewrites), staff qualifications, and turnaround times (the site offers one day turnarounds). The site offers a sliding scale of discounts, presumably in response to the knowledge that some clients will only be using their site as a stopgap measure, while others may be more regular in their usage. Five papers gets a discount of five percent, seven papers get a discount of ten percent, and ten papers gets a discount of fifteen percent. First time users also get a fifteen percent discount. boasts a three step ordering process, which puts it above the previous websites which have been reviewed. It is not simply an essay writing service, it also offers what is refers to as instant homework samples. To keep things clearer, this review will be divided into three paragraphs, each of which will handle a separate part of the site.

Overall, this site is clear and easy to use. It has several clever conceits, from the use of fake tabs to separate the pages of the site to the riff of the famous speech from Hamlet in the main description of the site. Each tab represents a different part of the site, including a page describing the company (with names of some of the team, and a short description of what their team is and does), a page with contact details (including phone, email, a snail mail address, and a link to their live chat), and a page for ordering a paper. The site is somewhat interesting in that the tabs contain very little in the way of new information (with the exception of the contacts page). The button to register on the site, being located at the very bottom of the page.

The site offers extensive essay writing possibilities – there is a table on the front page which I believe showcases all the types of work they do, with editing thrown in for good measure. There is a small price calculator on the front page where prospective customers can check their price, but the actual ordering is done on the ‘Custom Essay’ page. What is unique to this site so far is that there are a few options for payment – a customer can choose to have their paper written by one of the top tier writers for an additional $2.95 per page, or can have it edited by in-house staff for the same amount. For the single fee of $9.95, a customer can also receive the VIP service, wherein they are bumped to the head of the cue in customer service lines as well as order lines.

Finally, the instant homework samples. These seem to be a mainstay of the site, as they do not have their own page as the custom essays do, the information and means of accessing them is on the front page. According to the site, these do cost less than a custom essay, but that cost changes depending on the length of the paper required. They have twenty thousand instant homework samples to be used. has a three-step ordering process, and stands out because it is not simply an essay writing service, but is also a service which sell pre-written essays. The site itself is very clearly laid, out with tabs for the various serves and information which clients and potentials clients will need. There are tabs for contacting the site, ordering a paper, and describing the site itself. All of these tabs contain extended versions of the information which is available on the front page of the site, though the link for registering with the site is only available there.

This site seems unusual in that it offers a variety of embellishments when it comes to payments – for an extra 2.95, clients can choose to have the best writer on the site write their paper, or have editors pay more attention to it and the process of writing it. An extra amount of slightly less than ten dollars get them VIP access and treatment. The instant homework samples come in many different subjects – all of which are displayed in a table on the front page. One of these costs less than a custom paper.

This site has a well-thought out site which is easy to navigate – there are tabs for separate information such as information about the company, and contact information, but payment and order information are on the first page for everybody to see.  This site offers discounts to long-term users, and has a sliding scale of discounts depending on how long the customer has been there – a customer is to get in touch with the company and make arrangements. There is a one-time discount for all clients, and the site advertises free revisions and rewrites for all customers. The testimonials, as custom essay writing service reviews, are all glowing about the work that was done and the quality of the customer service. An unusual feature about this site is that it offers lower prices to people who are still in high school – they are lower by three dollars.

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