Critical Essay Topics

Critical Essay Topics

Critical essays are written to offer an evaluation, analysis or interpretation of a particular topic or subject. The word ‘critical’ refers to your attitude towards a particular subject when writing the article. You critically and objectively weigh the facts and evidence presented for matter and based on your understanding then reject or accept its claims. Critical essays require wide consultation and research to present a fact-based essay without prejudice. In this article, we are going to discuss the purpose and how to write a good critical essay and suggest some good critical essay topics you can consider for practice.

Purpose of a critical essay

The purpose of a critical essay is to evaluate information, theories or situations. It is an important way to analyze information by posing questions and challenging the existing literature on that topic. Critical essays are important tools in academics as it helps grow the knowledge base of the students because it is not based on personal opinion, but from synthesized information from in-depth research. Students also get to apply the knowledge they have learned in class by evaluating related topics. The course instructors get to understand how their learners have understood the subject.

Choose tour category below:

  1. Sport
  2. Culture
  3. Crime
  4. History
  5. Economics
  6. Environment
  7. Technology
  8. Travelling
  9. Religion
  10. Food


  1. Doping in the Olympics
  2. Impact of video games to children
  3. Video gaming in the 21st century
  4. Paralympics
  5. Importance of indoor games
  6. Betting on sports
  7. Soccer fans in the world cup
  8. Racism and Sports
  9. Health effects of video gaming
  10. Raising and Olympian
  11. College football
  12. Sports on television


  1. Changing gender roles
  2. Impact of technology
  3. Homelessness
  4. Drug abuse among teenagers
  5. Racism
  6. Multicultural identity
  7. Xenophobia
  8. Islamophobia
  9. First Nations of Canada
  10. Slave trade


  1. Factors leading to juvenile delinquency
  2. How to avoid recidivism?
  3. Disadvantages of punitive sentences for light crimes
  4. Rehabilitation or incarceration
  5. Ways of reducing crime in low-income neighborhoods
  6. Why the rich commit serious felonies?
  7. Is crime nature or nurture related
  8. Capital sentences
  9. Should ex-convicts be allowed to vote
  10. How to prepare ex-convicts to re-enter the society?


  1. Wonders of the ancient world
  2. Atlantis
  3. Ancient technology
  4. The pyramids of Giza
  5. The Colossus of Rhodes
  6. The statue of liberty
  7. The statue of Zeus at Olympia
  8. America’s founding fathers
  9. The Vikings
  10. Colonization of America


  1. Ways of managing Inflation
  2. Importance of Entrepreneurship
  3. Foreign exchange
  4. International trade
  5. Monetary policies
  6. Gross Domestic Product
  7. Unemployment
  8. Import tariffs
  9. Ways to improve GDP
  10. Strategic financial investment


  1. Ways of conserving the environment
  2. Solar energy
  3. Green energy
  4. Substitutes for fossil fuels
  5. Land reclamation
  6. Land rehabilitation
  7. Afforestation in arid areas
  8. Ways of conserving erosion
  9. Deforestation of tropical forests
  10. Air pollution in Beijing
  11. Curbing desertification


  1. Impact of technology on healthcare industry
  2. How technology has transformed our lives?
  3. How technology has transformed warfare?
  4. Digital divide
  5. Smart homes
  6. Copyright in technology
  7. Future of technology
  8. Humanoids and robots
  9. Artificial intelligence
  10. 3D printing


  1. The best places to tour around the world
  2. The Grand Canyon
  3. Hiking in the Swiss Alps
  4. Planning a weekend getaway
  5. Important tools when hiking in the mountains
  6. Hiking in Africa
  7. Preparing for a safari
  8. How to minimize your expenses while traveling?
  9. Deep sea exploration
  10. Safety while traveling with children


  1. Importance of religion
  2. Does religion cause conflicts?
  3. Religion and peace
  4. Religion and abortion
  5. Euthanasia: religious perspective
  6. How religion influences morality?
  7. Religious intolerance and conflicts
  8. Christian view on same-sex marriage
  9. Atheism in the 21st century
  10. God: A mythical concept of reality?


  1. GMO food effects to our bodies
  2. Vegetarianism
  3. Food and obesity
  4. Childhood obesity
  5. Effects of junk food on your health
  6. Malnutrition
  7. Causes, effects and treatment of Anorexia
  8. The American diet
  9. Health effects of eating deep fried food
  10. Food and cancer

Tips on topic choice

When choosing a topic for a critical essay ensure you take a topic you can handle. Choosing something sophisticated could lead to poor analysis and subjective criticism which undermines the core purpose of writing a critical essay. Here below are some tips for choosing a critical essay topic. Consult widely and infuse other peoples’ ideas in fine tuning the topic. Reading widely and extensive research helps to choose the most appropriate topic for your essay.

  1. Choose a simple topic
  2. Choose a topic you know about
  3. Select something that interests you
  4. Narrow the scope of your topic
  5. Discuss the topic with your instructor before commencing the work
  6. Do slight research into the topic before settling for it

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