Corruption Is A Curse (Essay Sample)

Corruption Is A Curse

When a person takes some kind of benefit through an unprincipled way, it is referred to as corruption. Most people at some point or the other have found themselves in a dilemma where one had to shell out money in order to have something done for them faster. However, in order to eradicate corruption the first step is to stop the ones who are always willing to pay bribes instead of punishing those who ask for money. By taking the longer route of bribery avoidance and letting things be done in the right manner might seem to be an uphill task, but in the end it will be worth it. There is enough to support the notion that corruption is a curse that threatens to derail a country’s credibility and hence it should stop. This article will discuss the reasons as to why corruption is termed as a curse.

It is clear that corruption is more than theft since it influences the decisions made by the government towards limited interest and away from what is convenient to the society. Corruption corrupts and triggers worthless income capture instead of delivery of good and fair services. With corruption, grabbing anything illegally is very possible while the chances of being caught are minimum. Corruption leads to the dismal performance and finally the collapse of organizations. As a result of corruption the way industries are governed lead to dysfunctions due to the secret stealing and corrupt deals. The society turns to the legal aspect by using the courts in the pursuit of justice against corrupt governments and organizations. However, this does not help a lot since the curse of corruption has also found its way into the court systems and hence there is little hope to getting legally sound and just rulings in favor of the weak. Corruption has brought to knees the economies of many nations as traders have found corrupt methods of evading the payment of taxes and hence deprived nations of the massive revenues that should be earned from the importers and exporters of goods.

By practicing corruption, all types of wrongful activities are always prevailing everywhere. It is a mindset system that is worsened by patent of greed for instant wealth and clear consumption. It has become a common issue since in the society, there are various levels linked to corruption. From petty corruption which is a frequent habit to the high level corruption which is usually hidden and rarely for the case of being exposed. This is as a result of no penalties is given in case of bribes and cover ups, neither are there any independent institutions that deals with issues of corruption. Corruption despite being a ten letter word, could spell doom to entire societies. It deals a blow to administrative units by maligning the good morals and sound thinking of public officials by luring them to the greed of enriching only themselves using what belongs to the masses.

Corruption being an hindrance on growth and development of a country, leads to decline of the economic performance as well. Infrastructural developments get delayed, poor building quality the society gets destabilized and the rule of law gets endangered. The population is affected when the resources get distributed thus the human development level gets lower. This in general, sabotages the long term sustainable growth of a country, the economy growth and the equality.

Corruption is a curse as it leads to poor infrastructural development due embezzlement of funds that were allocated for the improvement of the citizens’ livelihood. When leaders are corrupt, they pocket what was supposed to be used to cater for the good health of the citizens. This could even result to death, as people cannot access to proper medication and when the medical facilities are poor. Peoples’ livelihoods are crippled after the funds allocated for their empowerment find way into few individuals’ pockets.

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