Correct Use Of Time (Essay Sample)

Correct Use Of Time

Time is a very important and valuable factor in our daily life. Sometimes we spend a certain duration like a week or month working but fail to finish the job because of limited time. Most people have problems with managing time to the point of going to study or read books, magazines and listen to lessons about time management. Time management is very important and it acts as a factor of separating successful individuals from failures. Correct use of time helps accomplishment of tasks with fewer efforts, improvement in the ability to make decisions, and most importantly reduce stress.

Correct use of time involves being productive on the job, remaining healthy both physically and mentally, and balancing of issues. One is therefore in a position to spend time with family, friends and still be the best at the place of work. However, any failure to use time correctly has many significant consequences. It is possible to lose your job because of failure to work within timelines. Furthermore, time with family and friends is likely to be limited hence causing broken relationships. There are various factors that can enable one use their time correctly.

Creating the right working environment enables one to use their time productively. Right environment can include factors like surrounding yourself with decorations that can inspire your brain hence enhancing the enthusiasm and passion of working. The right environment should also be free of distractions such as television. Distractions will always cause one to lose the concentration. Right environment can enable one to productively work for long hours and produce best results.

In addition, the listing of tasks in terms of priority and importance is necessary for correct use of time. The first thing to do before beginning the daily workload should always be planning and prioritizing tasks. For instance, urgent and important tasks can be given priority while those that are important but not urgent can be put on wait list. It is, therefore, necessary to handle vital tasks first. Finishing important and urgent tasks in early hours of the day is likely to give the sense of accomplishment hence a relaxed mind.

Closely related is avoiding procrastination when handling different tasks. There is a likelihood of distractions in terms of incoming emails, political discussions, and others when handling various tasks. It is common for people to drift away from vital tasks and promise themselves to work later. Pushing forward of important and urgent tasks will automatically result in stress because of allocated timelines. It is, therefore, crucial to avoid procrastination and remain focused on finishing tasks.

Correct use of time involves the setting of goals to achieve within a certain period. The goals should remain realistic and achievable within the specified duration. In relation to this, it is necessary to examine the current situation and determine the important goals. It is, therefore, easier to make a plan of how to achieve the goals. The end results are likely to be positive and productive.

Finally, it is necessary to organize personal time. This can be through identifying life factors that result in wasting a lot of time without seeing results. One can write down all the weekly activities and assess if they use or misuse time when carrying out the tasks. After identifying the areas that result in consumed time without observable results, it will be easy to work on priority factors.

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