Conserving Natural Resources (Essay Sample)

Conserving natural resources

We conserve natural resources because of their natural beauty and cultural importance; however, in present time’s   human activities has increasingly destroyed the environment.  The concepts of urbanization have eroded the natural process.  If we do not preserve our natural resources, we are going to lose the entire ecosystem. There will be no rain, increased soil erosion and many negative environmental impacts. Both renewable and nonrenewable energy will soon be depleted.

The first step is to conserve what is left by using natural resources responsibly; we need to use alternative forms of energy to reduce the burden on natural resources. Conservation of natural resources means preserving and maintains the natural environment including recreational places. Conservation also means making use of animals, plants, and other natural materials in a balanced cycle process.  Conservation remains the main concern whereby proper management of natural resources entails avoiding destruction, its misuse decay, and waste.

Some of the important natural resources like land, water, mineral, vegetation, wildlife and the beautiful natural sceneries are all essential to humans in different ways.  Stakeholder’s calls for sustainable development, this means implementing development initiatives that meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the future generation. Environmentalists are increasingly concerned with the intensified and unsustainable ways of the land, water resources, coastal lands and other natural vegetation due to expansion of agriculture and urbanization.

These two factors have resulted in the degradation of natural resource eroding the life that supports human civilization. The use of alternative energy sources have for a very long time been discussed in various global forums. The alternative energy of solar is becoming popular energy source for cooking followed by wind power that generates electricity. Other alternative energy sources like biogas are used as an alternative to petroleum gas.  The conservation process cannot be possible if we only create awareness about the alternative sources of energy. We need to make alternative energy affordable and available to consumers.

The conservation process of natural resources requires more than just using alternative energy sources. It is about preserving our wildlife and their natural habitat to make the reproduce without human interference.  The government plays significant role in wildlife preservation. The government should implement strict regulation to protect endangered animal by banning the trade of such animals. The government needs to work in collaboration with various stakeholders and the local communities to conserve wildlife. Protecting the national park and wildlife sanctuaries goes a long way in protecting our natural resources.

Forest conservation is equally important; animal live in forests, harmful practices like cutting down trees and banning fossils affects their natural habitat. Forest conservation can be done by limiting forest fires, eliminating pests, increasing forestation, soil conservation are among other important conservation processes. Another important measure like ensuring proper drainage, usage and flood control are part of water conservation efforts.

Caring for our natural resources and promoting a sustainable development requires a concerted effort starting at individual levels toward community levels the government and international levels. Preserving natural resources is an essential response towards the survival of the future generation. Think and act in an eco-friendly manner by preserving nature’s beauty. With limited natural resources due to over-exploitation, our future generation will be affected .that is why sustainable living is important and should form part of daily routine because we need the natural resources to sustain our daily needs.

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