Conservation Of Ecosystem (Essay Sample)

Conservation Of Ecosystem

As we all know, our home, our ecosystem has been subjected to multiple unwanted phenomena due to problems caused by climate change or global warming, pollution, human deeds, and more which are primarily caused by what humans do and nature itself. With the advent of modern technology, it has been a primary deterrent in the conservation of our ecosystem due to its high demand.

As of now, about a tenth of the world has been severely damaged and lost due to human acts alone, the ozone layer depleting more, polar caps are evaporating, trees are rapidly cut leading to displacements of animals, some parts of the Australian coral reefs have been bleached as well as other coral reefs all over the world which face problems due to the warm weathers and more. With the rapid way of how human deeds are destroying nature, in about a few years or even less, there will no longer be a place to be called home by anyone living on Earth.

It is no easy task in order to restore Earth into its lush green state, and to some degree, a lot of individuals have lost hope in doing so. This is mainly due to human traits most people as well. Apathy has been a major problem in conserving the Earth; moreover, this trait is unfortunately seen in our everyday lives from industrial factories burning huge amount of wastes without consideration of the amount of pollution it brings to a nation down to a child throwing a candy wrapper on a pavement. Greediness has also played a role in the conservation of ecosystem, for the people especially politicians who pocket tax payer’s money or donations coming from other nations which was allotted for aiding re-construction and providing budget for agricultural improvement and even those business tycoons, such as those involved with oil mining or mining in general, who have lost their way and continued on with their production, knowing their products have severely damaged nature.

Scientists, political leaders, and advocates all over the world are emphasizing the amount of damage our nature has been dealt with and a call for change has been long overdue. While there have been many negative outcomes due to acts of humanity and nature, there have been people working on the conservation of the ecosystem. A lot of projects have been done in the last couple of years which aimed to help the Ecosystem such as the solar panel project which aims in consuming less water for the creation of electricity, the triple R system (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), windmill system for generation of electricity, different ways of filtrating liquid for pure water, and more. As a young individual or any person with the capacity to help, they are called to aid and have sympathy and empathy for Mother Nature’s cry to feel better again, even as simple as segregating garbage: biodegradable and non-biodegradable, recycling garbage, planting a tree or any crop which, and getting rid of toxic habits such as smoking to lessen air pollution and preventing lung diseases, those simple acts, if done by every breathing life, serves as a big help in conserving the ecosystem.

It does not take a barbaric amount of effort to have the initiative to help human nature; however, it will take not only decades but maybe centuries to restore the world and hopefully improve it to be a more livable space. Regardless though, to be able to conserve the ecosystem efficiently, it has to start off with the willingness or drive of the individual to help our home itself.

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