Consequences Of Poor Personal Hygiene (Essay Sample)

Poor hygiene is termed as self-neglect of being unable or unwilling to attend one’s personal needs. It entails a daily regime that assists in keeping the body clean. This includes brushing teeth, washing hair, regular shower with clean water using soap and also use of anti-perspirant deodorant, which assists in getting rid of harmful bacteria. However, if these habits get overlooked indisputable consequences may develop such as mental and emotional disorder as well as having severe depression. This analysis seeks to discuss the consequences of poor hygiene.

Personal hygiene is increasingly under rated in so many ways hence resulting to poor personal hygiene. This is caused by factors such as neglecting one’s own cleanliness and having no knowledge in regards to the impact poor personal hygiene might bring in one’s life. It is mostly renowned that poor hygiene has its consequences. The formation of the bad smell is due to the bacterium accumulated on the sweat glands. When the bacterium develops on unwashed sweat, they will eventually produce a smell in relation to bad odor. Consequently, the bad smell may result from   the urine odor or the feces as well. Bad breath is easily recognized as consequence of not handling hygiene the right way. The problem is further compounded due to bacteria growing on the particles that stick between teeth. However, as they digest food it results in odor. In addition, having food stuck between teeth rot over time hence emitting a foul odor.

Aside from the bad breath, bad dental hygiene leads to dental diseases as well. Allowing food to build up on the enamel results to plaque. The bacterium formed on the enamel release small acids that leave the glaze on teeth cracked. However, with time it results calculus forming that tends to irritate gums resulting to gingivitis. The process creates gum diseases that eventually cause diseases hence destroying teeth. Practicing hygiene such as washing hands is an effective way to prevent spreading diseases. This is due to the fact that hands are in constant contact with what lies on the environment hence touching the face provides an easier passage from a dirty object to mouth or nose. Constantly ensuring hands are washed with clean water and soap, helps keep germs away from the body hence reducing chances of contracting diseases such as typhoid or common flu.

Negligence of maintain one’s personal hygiene can result to skin break down, which eventually leads to evolution of sores and infections all over the body. By so doing, the condition could worsen if proper personal hygiene is not in control hence resulting of various illnesses that could have been avoided initially. Another ignored factor on poor personal hygiene involves the way individual dispose of waste. A suitable way of handling and disposing of contagious waste helps control spread of germs. Wearing disposable gloves when handling waste is important to personal hygiene therefore using hand sanitizer after wards will assist in minimizing the spread of bacteria as well. Even though the consequences of poor personal hygiene are usually in relation to the human body, one can however be affected emotionally hence confidence can deteriorate.

In summation, being sentient of one’s personal hygiene is essential as it helps maintain health and lessens up bacteria produce. Persistently striving to retain good person hygiene enhances self-image and general outlook on life. While it is entailed on each mature individual to be accountable for their welfare, it is however important to groom those in preadolescent stage in regards to the importance of personal hygiene.

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