Computer Addiction (Speech Sample)

Computer Addiction

People may have been oblivious of the fact that more and more individuals are addicted to computer and other gadgets these days. Children start at young age and have a completely different growth development than kids in other generations. Adults continue to play video games and rely mostly on the computer for entertainment, news, activity, and everything else that they do in their day to day lives. The use of computer has been deeply integrated into the people’s lives today that going a day without one is almost beyond imagination.

How is computer addiction like for kids? More and more children these days are having speech delays and have very different learning process than kids from other generation like their parents’ perhaps. At a very young age, these kids are already exposed to gadgets. They grow up seeing their parents or older siblings always in front their computer screens or are always looking at their phones and tablets. The adults, having already relied so much on gadgets for entertainment, would cheer their children up or play with them with the use of computers and other mobile gadgets as well. They would play nursery songs and the child stares and hears his comfort from the computer. He will watch kids movies and learn ABCs and 123s on the computer as well. Already he has associated everything that he does with the computer. Consequently kids these days would have computers, phones, and tablets for toys and just tap and swipe on screens instead of go out and actually move their bodies to play. Already their idea of fun is of using computers.

Adolescence and young adults are the same, even middle aged individuals. Already the computer has have a hold of the many different aspects of our lives – from news and movies, to catching up with friends, to weekend activities, to dating, applying for jobs, for school, and even for working. Everything can be done through the computer that people have their lives already tied up to it. For example, people nowadays get more news from the internet than they would on TV. They watch their TV shows and movies on their computers instead of going out and actually watching at the cinema. Meeting up friends in person has become a burden and pals catch up with each other through social media instead. They date through websites and apps. Many relationships has started and ended due to dating sites and apps. People would hunt for jobs on foot lesser these days and instead send a lot of letters and do interviews online. Some people actually work and go to school through online jobs and classes. And the video games do not stop. The computers had already been one’s default entertainment and activity in many person’s lives, that even when they grow into adults, they continue to play video games because they have not developed any other interests beyond the computer. With the computer being a consistent tool from childhood to adulthood, there have arose some problems of maturity, especially among boys. They are used to less physical activity and more to visual stimulation on their computers and therefore are less macho than the men in previous generations. They are less capable and less aware of chivalry. They become more focused on entertaining themselves.

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