Compare And Contrast Montresor And Fortunato (Essay Sample)

Compare And Contrast Montresor And Fortunato

The tale of two strangers becomes friends in the tale on the cask of Amontillado. This is a story that is concentrated on a person who made an intuition that someone made an insult towards him. The story conveys a murderer’s perspective that cannot move on after believing that he was being insulted by someone whom he knows. It reveals that the perpetrator who successfully murdered another person has a cold blood character. This means that the only way to relieve his anxiety is to commit a bloody act in order to satisfy his personal grudge. It reveals that the antagonist of the story was sure of his plan to make a person suffer at the expense of his happiness to cure his anxiety without thinking twice.

Montresor in the story is a person who is an adult male that has been living in a stable life. He has a decent work. He has a personality that represents nobility because he is said to have been involved in a decent trading of materials and items that benefit his lifestyle as well as socioeconomic status. The only difference is his character because he is portrayed negatively in the story as the main culprit of another character’s life. He is basically the antagonist of the film, in which he has been involved in a criminal act. Montresor is responsible for the death of Fortunato when he tried to walk him inside a structure that left Fortunato for dead. This is a result if a person did not confirm his perception that has led to a bloody conflict with another individual such as the fate of Fortunato.

Fortunato has similarities with Montresor as he has been also working prior to the incident. For the knowledge of many, Fortunato is also an Italian and speaks native Italian language similar with Montresor.  He is the protagonist of the story where he made a ruthless relationship with Montresor, which had a major trust issue for having a wrong perception towards him. On the contrary, Fortunato was regarded as the fortunate one in the film because he was envied by Montresor that planned to kill him. Fortunato became the victim as he was then restrained and detained by Montresor after being invited to have a good time drinking together. Fortunato did not expect that Montresor is suffering from a bipolar disorder and have a violent tendency to satisfy his anxiety towards him.

At the end of the story, Montresor left a note, stating that Fortunato should rest in peace. Obviously, Fortunato is the target of Montresor for he is wanted to be slain after the planned drinking spree. At the end of the story, it is not clear if Fortunato was indeed killed because the story. It is also not clear if Fortunato made a successful escape after he had been walled by Montresor at the end of the story. This means that the storyline wants to activate the conscious minds of the readers regarding the fate of the protagonist of the story. The story reflects on how we should verify information through a clarification with other individuals. This is to ensure that there are no negative results that can be applied to other individuals such as having the intention to end one’s life out of envy or anger (Vrabel, 2004).


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