Compare And Contrast Love And Lust (Essay Sample)

Compare and Contrast Love and Lust

Love is a diversity of various mental and emotional conditions, typically positively and strongly encountered that is ranging from extensive interpersonal fondness to plain pleasure. An instance of this span of definitions is that the love of a mother is differing from the love of a couple which is differing from the love of food. Most frequently, love is referring to an emotion of individual attachment and strong attractiveness. Love can as well be a goodness that represents affection, kindness, and compassion. It may as well be describing affectionate and compassionate work towards other people, animals, or one’s self. Lust is a deep feeling or emotion. Lust can bear any shape like the lust for expensive things, lust for power, or the lust for sex. It can bear such boring shapes as the strong desire for food as different from the necessity of for food. Lust is a mental drive that produces intense desire for an item or situation accomplishing the feeling. This paper thrives to compare and contrast between love and lust and how they may impact an individual.

Love and lust are two terms that go hand in hand in partnership. Both are feelings that are interconnected with each other. When one is lacking it is hard to be having the other and as well it looks like in order to be in and staying in love, one must be desiring or lusting after one’s partner. If the desire, love, and want is lacking, then being with someone else can vanish away. In partnerships, both love and lust should be existing alongside each other, but it is crucial in understanding these feelings and keeping them in check. It is also crucial to comprehend their sameness and differences. Albeit both can be described by the use of the term longing, love is involving much more involving faithfulness. Lust is a feeling that can just come and go in a wink of an eye and it is crucial as with any feeling in controlling lust and normally it is associated with negative implication. In their similarities, both love and lust can hurt the feelings of an individual as well as brings joy and happiness in one’s life. Even if lust is a false feeling, it is a strong emotion because it turns into love. Love and lust bear the want to have their goals satisfied and both can root sexual impulse.

When one is lusting for someone, the portion of their brain is lighting up in the same as an addict of cocaine whey they feel high. This is making one to view the individual as how one wants to view them. When a person is in love, one is caring for the individual and feeling empathy towards them. One is also viewing the other person for who they are, their imperfections, and all. Love is when one is attracted to another person’s soul and wanting to know them better whereas lust is a bodily attraction where, when one meets with the other all the person is thinking about is sex. Physical attraction is playing a big role in relationships and when one loves another, it is becoming less about how they look and one takes them as they are but when one is lusting another, one’s brain is actually making them look more stunning than they truly are.

In conclusion, love and lust re sharing an amount of similarities and dissimilarities. Love is a diversity of various mental and emotional conditions, typically positively and strongly encountered that is ranging from extensive interpersonal fondness to plain pleasure and lust is a deep feeling or emotion. Both love and lust occur in the idea of a partnership and most commonly, they can both be driving a high level of potency in an individual, albeit lust can be slightly cynical.

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