Comparative Essay Writing

Comparative Essay Writing

A Comparative Essay is one that asks one to either compare, contrast or evaluate two topics, devices, cities, etc. When tasked with such an assignment, it is important first to ensure that one has enough similarities and disparities between the topics under study. Comparative essay writing does not necessarily involve different topics because, in other instances, a writer might be asked to discuss the points for and against a particular topic or phenomenon. Regardless of the topic, extensive research is indeed essential in comparative essay writing because writers are often asked to back their claims with evidence. Attention to detail is thus key to developing a comprehensive comparative essay that captures a majority of the relevant points. Discerning the similarities and differences or the points for and against a particular topic is not enough. Articulating the points well and generating their relevance is necessary and hence a good command of the language is needed to help one drive their points and stance while avoiding ambiguity and repetition.

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A Comparative Essay format is similar to the standard essay layout. A custom comparative essay will thus have an introduction section, the body section, and finally a conclusion. The purpose of an introduction is simply to introduce the topic or topics under study while also directing the focus of the entire essay. The body is where the points for and against a topic or similarities and differences between topics are discussed. As already stated, listing these is not enough because readers need to understand exactly why the writer chose a particular angle or point. The conclusion primarily offers readers with something to remember and thus often has a general summary and then one large conclusion that drives the entire essay’s focus home.

Essays use the same format, but when it comes to the structure, differences emerge. A Comparative Essay structure is not complex but if mistaken, one can have good points but fail to deliver or have any impact on their work. The introduction as already stated communicates the author’s viewpoint. However, it is important to mention that it contains two parts. In the first part, the author only introduces the topic and provides general information with regards to the topic(s) under study. On the second part, using the thesis statement, the author provides the readers with the essay’s focus which unlike the first part is specific and guides the entire essay.

The structure of the body is not any different, but the paragraphs look and deliver their points differently. The mixed type of paragraphing is first of all preferred, and this mainly means that the author will address both halves of their points in each paragraph. However, this does not mean that one’s points should be mixed up in the essay. Each point needs to be on its own and to stand out, but it should address both aspects, that is, for example, if one is comparing the engines of two vehicles, they should start with engine A in the paragraphs first section and then engine B should follow in the second section. This particular structure helps to constantly remind readers about the comparison that the author focuses on, and hence one does not lose track of the author’s point. Comparative Essay samples are freely available online, and thus it is possible for one to get acquainted with how the paragraphs should be designed and written.


Comparative Essay topics vary and are as numerous as the different doctrines, beliefs, political inclinations, education systems, cities, religions, etc. One can be asked to compare and contrast two religions, two countries, or two films but the delivery should never change. The paragraphing technique and the format of the essay need to remain the same. However, it is critical to mention that establishing a basis for one’s comparison is important. Before the author begins their essay, it is essential first to determine the approach that one will take and how one will examine the two topics provided. Prior preparation is of course of the essence when one is asked to write a Comparative Essay, and should thus be emphasized.

Comparative Essay help is sufficient online, and one can always get the help they need at a cost which is dependent on the subject and the number of pages the essay requires. Online help is often criticized by people who feel like it is making students lazy and interferes with the necessary struggle at school. It is the belief of some teachers and parents that students need to find their way but in some circumstances, help is necessary, and while some students take advantage of these services, others genuinely need them. Seeking help, however, does not necessarily mean to have one’s assignment done. Some students seek different perspectives on a topic and hence just ask the professional writers for drafts, and they later develop or complete the task themselves. Others conduct research on, for example, how to write Comparative Essay and use the knowledge gathered to do their tasks. It is true that some students are lazy, but seeking help does not necessarily mean that someone is lethargic.

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