Communication Is Art Or Science? (Essay Sample)


Communication is the process of exchanging information between two individuals. It is a way for an involved person to either receive or to send information to other parties such as an individual, group, or an institution. Information relayed provides a vital clue for a person to provide an interesting issue that is related to their identity, activity, or their level of awareness. There is a message that enables a person to increase their knowledge about a particular issue, which enables their personal or professional practice to establish a way to address the information. Responding to information being relayed indicates that communication is an interactive process between two individuals who shares common interests and practices to benefit each other’s curiosity.

It is strongly believed that communication is a form of science because there are explanations created by the use of scientific phenomena. The reason behind is that there is a scientific explanation that details about the process on how information is being applied between two parties. For the basis of science, our vocal chords generate a sound that is controlled by our cranial nerves that promote a sympathetic response. Non-verbal communication is considered as the formal way of exchanging information between two individuals or groups. The most suitable way of non-verbal communication is the use of scripts that are distinct to a certain society. The scripts provide characters that form a word, phrase, or a paragraph, indicating the intention of the sender to the receiver of the message that talk about the significance of a certain issue. Scientists established braille, which is a unique way to facilitate the communication needs of handicapped individual or group who are visually impaired.

On the other hand, communication is considered an art. This is concentrated to the art and style of calligraphy that are distinct to every culture around the world. The general style of scripts and non-verbal communication is the use of Times New Roman script. Each script represents the cultural heritage of a certain country because it represents the language and the way they communicate with other individuals. Communication in remote parts of the world promotes artistry because there are structures that are composed of engraved materials that represent a certain meaning to the intended group of individual. Example is the totem pole, wood carvings on the streets, and scriptures that are carved on the walls that represent an important message that promotes awareness to any individual who is passing by to the object (Turner & West, 2013).

The modern understanding of communication is based on the scientific application of sociology and anthropology. The reason behind is to determine the cultural heritage of the community that is represented by a distinct group of locals that are practicing a unique way of handling their lifestyle. Through culture, there is a moral understanding of an individual through the application of their norms and practices that enhance their identity to become different. The behavioral aspect of the locals generates an artistic way of portraying their identities to ensure that they are being classified differently and acknowledge their existence as a group within the community. Art becomes attractive because some members of the community enhance their creative minds to generate a distinct way of improving their identity to other societies that prevent any miscommunications and misunderstandings between two or more communities.


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