College Entrance Essay Tips

Your college application essay is one of the most important in the admission process. This is a chance to bring your own personality to life for admission officers who have read hundreds, if not thousands, of essays.  College-Entrance-Essay-TipsThat’s why my first tip is: be yourself! At the moment when you are invited to offer what you’ve learned and who you’ve become, your opinions are hijacked by well-meaning adults who think teenagers can’t possibly be allowed to risk answering these questions on their own. Let your opinion come through in the essay. You might become a student who will write an amazingly independent essay. Make it simple for the person to read and relate to your writing.

Your Individuality

Show your individuality! There is a big difference between telling someone that you are talented and proving it. Don’t say that you are good at dancing, try to prove it by discussing the awards, certificates or volunteer and teaching background? This is personal information that makes your experience more down-to-earth for the reader.

Don’t use jargon or slang! Write the words that you usually use but avoid jargon or slang. There are so many good words that can convey the meaning expressing all the shades of it. This will show that you are a skilled and talented writer, along with the fact that you have paid attention to the essay. College-Entrance-Essay-Tips

Watch Your Grammar

Mind your Grammar! It’s better to use active voice than passive. You might ask me why? I’ll tell you, because it will sound more dynamic.  For instance, instead of writing  ‘Some of my friends were tutored by me in high school’ you might say, ‘I tutored some of my friends in high school.’ You will make a strong impact on the reader. Besides, it might help the officer to identify your personal achievements. One more thing you should remember. Lots of students (even writers) end up with the sentences of the same length. Imagine that you are reading a book in which every sentence consists of 5-7 words. It might be really boring, isn’t it? My advice is to use different styles and conjunctions to keep things interesting. Moreover, use transition words to present your ideas.

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Proofread Your Essay

Revise the essay! Don’t rely only on the computer that will check the spelling. Before submitting an essay, ask a college instructor, parents, your friends even your boss to read it over. Everybody might have their own opinion and even some of the proofreaders can come up with the list of suggestions. Don’t hesitate to listen to these pieces of advice, however, at the end of essay should sound like you and not like all those helpers! Keep in mind that admission officers will find out if the essay is edited by an adult.

Answer The Question

Answer the question! Most of the colleges offer a question that they want applicants to answer in their essays. Of course, you not only need to make known the facts about yourself and your personality, something you have succeeded in doing, but also make certain you answer the question, too. After writing, look through the whole essay to pick out paragraphs that are unimportant. College-Entrance-Essay-Tips

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