Cinema Is Good Or Bad? (Essay Sample)

Watching of cinemas and films have been in existence in society since the advent of television and film theaters. With advancement in technology other avenues of watching movies such as cable TVs and the internet has increased their viewership. Moreover, the acceptance of the film industry has grown with more films produced in different countries and its revenue rising, thereby creating the icons and celebrity status for the industry. With this advancement, very little has emerged to establish whether they are good or bad. The essay will demonstrate why cinema is good.

First, cinemas improve an individual’s health. A happy person is a healthy person.  Various movies such as comedies are helpful in lowering blood pressure. When a person watches them, they laugh for an extended period. The laughter facilitates the production of happy hormones while making blood vessels dilate as if they were exercising resulting in lowered pressure. Moreover, when one watches a sad or inspirational movie, they become happier. The movies trigger the mind to go to their happy place such as thinking of loved ones and appreciating what one has.

Cinemas are educative. Films display a crisscross of various disciplines such as history, culture, science, technology, and politics among others. The creation of these disciplines is in a way that they represent different regions, countries, and communities of the world. Thus, through them, we gain knowledge of the past, present and future occurrences and state of affairs. Since the movies require visual skills, they are beneficial to all people including the illiterate, who get to enjoy and learn by watching. Moreover, films teach the lesson of teamwork. For a movie work to develop from an idea to a finished product eventually watched by people, actors, producers, scriptwriters, cinematographers, make artists and technicians among others have to be involved. Thus, watching the final product enforces its value and the notion that teamwork pays.

Creativity heightens with cinemas. Movies show the most creative, weirdest, unbelievable and extreme narratives adapted from novels, comic books, drama or out of pure imagination. These movies bring to life visions of directors that work as an inspiration to others and the people, in general, to develop resourcefulness as well, thus become creative. Moreover, various scenes develop creativity in children as movies that depict the use of magic or difficult situations requiring solutions engage the minds of the viewers making them come up with creative ideas.

Cinemas are good as they are a favorite source of entertainment. Movies are an adequate method of passing the time and entertaining, by transforming a viewer into a different world that calms their minds, making them forget their worries and instead, transfers their attention and be amused. All groups of people need a recreational method. Families, in particular, watch movies together as part of the family fun as they, excite and raise their emotions high enjoyably and entertainingly.

People experience different arts and cultures of the world through cinemas. Many storylines depicted in numerous movie productions display customs and traditions practiced in various parts of the world. The movies do this by incorporating various aspects such as mode of dressing and dancing. For instance, in Bollywood films, beautiful bright colors and dances characterize the movies and a distinct dialect in African American movies among other. Therefore, when viewers sit at home, they travel virtually to different parts of the world learning and appreciating the different customs, arts, and cultures.

It is undeniable that some movies are good or bad. However, the good in them negates the bad. Thus, the cinemas are good to watch. However, for children and teenagers, controls are necessary to protect them from adult content and addiction.

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