Childhood Experience (Essay Sample)

My Trip to Boston

Getting lost is not something I would wish even on my worst enemy and I learnt this as a young boy when I first visited Boston. I had always dreamt of visiting Boston and experiencing the City’s vast amount of tourism resources. So, when my parents informed us that we would be visiting our aunt in Boston, I was elated and almost spent the night awake overwhelmed by the joy of finally getting to visit the great city of Boston. It never occurred to me that being in a big city would leave me terrified for a long time. While watching the videos of the famous buildings and bridges, my mind run wild and I imagined myself taking pictures with my family and with my dad who was always working. Aside from taking the trip, I was happy we would be spending with our father who despite his busy schedule had managed to make time for us. I could tell that my mum was also happy but she never made it obvious though one could sense a different kind of brightness in her smile. Everyone was in a good mood and while on the train we played games and managed to share our joy with the people who sat close to us.

Everything was fine but it soon turned out to be a forgettable experience for me. Once the buildings of the great city of Boston became visible, everyone could tell that I was happy to be there and that I was enjoying every moment. When we got to the train station, we got off and reminded our dad the tour he promised us before we go to our aunt’s place. He was reluctant at first but the look on our faces said otherwise and he had to honor his word. We started walking around the city and I was amazed by all that I was seeing. However, we came across a small costume party and it is at this point that my life was left shaken. As I was admiring the party, I did not hear my dad ushering us towards a taxi that had parked besides the road. And to add on to my misery, no one remembered that I was not in the group.

After the taxi made its way past the first block, my mum noticed I was missing and asked the driver to turn the car around. The driver obliged but it was too late for me because I had joined the costume party which was moving from one point to another while taking pictures and videos. I was enjoying myself and it never occurred to me that my family was terrified and looking for me in the city. As evening approached, the group started to disperse and everyone took off to their homes and my nightmare began immediately. When I realized I was alone and that my dad was not beside me, I started crying and attracted the attention of a few people. However, none of them was willing to stay with me or even help me retrace my steps to where I last saw my family.

I was scared and alone in the great city of Boston. I had planned to enjoy the visit but it was fast becoming a day I would forever wish to forget. Everything and everyone seemed malicious and when I saw a police officer I run towards him and cried some more. Fortunately for me, word was out that a child had been lost in the city and when I could finally talk, I explained to him I got lost. He took me to the station and that is where my parents came to get me. To this day, I still dread big cities and even though I am comfortable to take myself wherever I want to go, I always spare a moment to the kids who look lost.

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