Child Labor A Real Abuse To Humanity (Essay Sample)

Child labor has become one of the issues of concern in the whole world because its rate is increasing due to the increase in human trafficking activities. Child labor is defined by the at of human beings forcing of luring children to carry out difficult tasks that would, in, turn affect their health both physically and mentally. It is the effects brought about by child labor that result into an abuse to human. Human beings deserve to be treated with respect regardless of the age or social status of an individual. All human rights are made to ensure that all human beings are made to treat everyone equally.

Child labor has been witnessed in cases whereby children are placed in foster care. Some of the foster parents might find it right to leave all the house chores to such children even to the extent of forcing them to carry out difficult activities that are totally unfair for a child to carry out. As a result, such children might end up traumatized to the extent whereby they cannot recover in the future. Therefore, this is a real abuse to humanity because such children have the right to grow up in a good environment whereby they feel appreciated for all the good things they do. Any kind of hard work should not be allocated to children despite how demanding the situation is. Children deserve to be treated in the right way so that they can grow up health and also, be a good example to others in the future. This can relatively be ensured through the elimination of child labor and any kind of mistreatment directed towards children since it’s an abuse to humanity. Being human means that an individual is able to do fair and right things.

As well, other people carry out child labor with the excuse of punishing a child for a mistake that they have done. The punishment normally involves challenging activities that should be carried out by adults alone. Such an act is child labor and an abuse to humanity because nobody would wish to be treated in such a manner. Therefore, individuals should be educated about other means of dealing with children whenever they have done a mistake. Among such ways is talking to the child so that they will not repeat such a mistake by giving them the consequences of doing such a mistake. Also, in a case whereby the parent finds it difficult to talk to the child, then it advisable for them to seek professional help so that they can be able to change the behavior of the child. In addition, as a guardian being a good role model is an important aspect in the avoidance of cases whereby one will be forced o punish a child to the extent of creating a child labor situation because it’s an abuse to humanity.

Concisely, children are the future leaders and whatever they lean at their early ages will have a great impact on how they will deal with issues in the future. Therefore, given the fact that child labor is an abuse to humanity, then, if it not stopped, it will still be an issue in the future because it will have become a normal thing in the society. Human beings, and, especially children, have the right to be brought up by teaching them the right virtues so that they can be able to change to tomorrow world and eliminate issues like child labor among others that are an abuse to humanity. Any kind of mistreatment is an abuse to humanity and one should treat the other party the same way that they would wish to be treated.

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