Character Makes A Man (Essay Sample)

Character makes a man

Great people and personalities are made through characters and not by the crew of possessions or elegant nature of clothes. Neither wealth can reclaim outdated characters. The characters of two children from the same mother may contradict each other to the extent that makes them difficult to recognize either. Indeed, character defines people and not ancestry or family. An individual’s character is the behavior of a person. Sometimes, such practices become the nature of men. The character is not genetically inherited from the family or influenced from the surrounding through friends and peers. However, it is our monopoly. Precisely, it can be viewed as our attitude and approach to define and live with people in the society. Moreover, the character is the reflection of mind and soul which hold one accountable and firm in any diverse situation. Ideally, the character makes a man and men are a mirror image of their characters.

The characters of men give honor and respect to the society. However, wickedness and cunning traits earn people disloyalty and rejection in the society. Interestingly, the character is neither achieved within a year or two. It is the accumulation of the struggle and outstanding strives made over the decades. Peer pressure and influence from the current events may compromise an individual’s behavior. Despite these, people with decorum and mature character control and resist flowing away with the current. People with good characters take bold steps to discipline themselves when trapped in unethical behaviors. The struggle to earn and maintain good character is inevitable in life. It is the primary asset in life. It gives individual an identity within the society and beyond.

The bravery and firmness of men are reflected through character. Beautiful personnel may not necessarily possess facial beauty. However, through strong character, magnificence and splendor shine and attracts people. Good deeds established on style last longer in the memory. The strength and physical appearance may fade away with time. However, respect for feeble and women or mercy for the aged and firmness in a daring situation, last forever. These attributes continue to live even when the person is long gone. They are the characters that make a man. New generations will forever live to remember such a gorgeous and charming character.

The famous say that describes people based on their friends is a misconception. Hanging around with individuals short of a character often leads to a character assassination. Primarily, a man is known by the company he keeps. People rush to judge and condemn others base on the ideology and company they keep. Despite the friendship and surrounding ideology, individuals with high character are always beyond reproach. They never doubt and turn up from their decision. Indeed, the character makes a man.

In conclusion, physical appearance and wealth are mortal and temporary. They fade and diminished with time. Rejection and disloyalty from the community emerge when individuals are away from central authority. The character of a person is beyond money and materialistic possession. People can acquire beauty with no gold but by good character. The wholesome appearance of a person is mortal, but a character is a gift. It defines and gives great honor to a person within the society. Despite the overwhelming desire to be firm, responsible and merciful in the society, the quest for the character is inevitable. Character enables people to live by their words in whichever situation. It reduces the misconceptions and doubts about individuals in the society. Finally, character boost trust and loyalty among the people. People are defined by what they do and the ideologies they support. Indeed, the character makes a man.

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