Character Analysis Essay Writing Guide

Character Analysis

When writing a character, it is always important for every individual to read the main article where there are significant scenes that were applied. This is to understand the whole plot of the storyline of a certain character as well the overall history of the subject. The material can be in a form of movie, article, or a play where there are certain characters that were presented in order to create an interesting plot of the story. Reading the story enables the process of assessment as well as analysis to identify the character and will be able to describe their relationship to the story that has been the main subject of the discussion. By analyzing the character, it is important to categorize the overall genre of the storyline. This may be in a form of a drama, romance, thriller, adventure, science-fiction, horror, or documentary that plays an important function when determining the role of the character being analyzed in the story.

Character analysis is the process of analyzing the characters of the storyline taken from the article, movie, or play. It provides a significant background regarding the role and the relationship of the character, which enables the writer to determine their functions presented in the story. Example is when the character is either the main protagonist or the wicked antagonist presented by the author in the storyline of the material. Analyzing the story may include not only one character that played an important role for enhancing the plot into a creative story. The connection of each character is also important because it will evaluate their responsibilities as presented by the author of the story.

Begin the writing by creating an introduction. Choose the character from the storyline where that person has been a significant in the literary work. Introduce a thesis statement or idea in order for the readers to thoroughly understand the process of the character analysis. The introductory part aims to introduce the story to the reader. It seeks to provide a brief knowledge regarding the activity applied by the character to the storyline. Description of the character’s physical appearance is important or reveals their role in the play as well as their responsibilities in the storyline. The character’s background is also important to include the personal, professional as well as business related issues that influence their existence in that particular storyline. This can be done by asking how the character is related to other character in the story.

Discussing the language used by the character analyzes the communication genre that the character has been utilizing throughout the play. Example if the character is using either conservative or vulgar words presented by the author that highlights the character’s influence to other characters. Writing about the character’s personality is important because it will reveal how they participate with the ideas and the activities that are being exhibited throughout the play. Making an emphasis on the goals of the character is important in order to reveal essential points that the character is aiming to present throughout the play or the story. Example is to explain how the character wants to become a leader to present an optimistic way of motivating other members of the storyline that can transform their community or the organization that they are affiliated to become more progressive and productive.

Analyzing the character’s relationship with other individuals entails about the relationship that has been established by the author. This seeks to answer if the character is the leader or follow other characters throughout the storyline. It is better to analyze if does the main character has a family, peer, or networks that has been presented in the story. Citing examples are important to improve the credibility of the character analysis applied in the plot of the story. Describing the character’s role if there are changes that have been observed throughout the plot is also important because it details the progress of the character’s performance that can be revealed by the author in the play. The analysis will try to answer if the character memorable or made significant life-changing activities that influenced the reader or other characters in the story? This entails legendary impact that can be analyzed in the story.

Collecting any supportive material is important to improve the credibility of the analysis is recommended so that the argument and observation will detail some of the most relevant process that can be observed in the analysis. This includes references in order to improve the conviction as well as the presentation to the reader so that it will build a significant trust to the arguments presented by the analysis. And lastly, it is important to indicate the learning insights taken from the character analysis of the storyline. It seeks to value the beneficial impact of the analysis that has been brought about by the influence of the character that played an important role for stimulating implications in the analysis. This is to value the presence and existence of the character that shaped the contextual presentation of the play or the presentation of the story.

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