Ceremonial Speech Sample (Scholarship)

Scholarship Speech

Speeches delivered during rituals and ceremonies by the observance of etiquette or formality are called ceremonial speeches. These ceremonies are extremely special for people; therefore, it is unsurprising that ceremonies are opportunities for speech delivery. Simply put, ceremonial speeches involve speaking that commemorates special occasions. Ceremonies are inescapable events in life. Whether you are an excluded individual, extra social, prefer the company provided by your friends or chop up at home with your family, you cannot avoid ceremonies. An essential feature of ceremonies is delivering speeches. Delivering speeches is not bothersome until you have to deliver one. Be it impromptu or rehearse; your speech needs to be rather special to gain admiration from the audience. Individuals used to speaking publicly enjoy speeches and can deliver them offhand if needed and gain praise. But certain others, like reserved individuals, have complications in delivering and composing speeches.

Below is a sample scholarship ceremonial speech:

“Hello, I am Sharon Griffiths, a second-year medical student here at Washington University. This is my story. My father never attended college. My mother was a semester away from completing her college degree when she dropped out. She still regrets that choice to date. My mother works as a supervisor for a shipping company, and my father works as a mechanic and a spare parts seller in town. Birthed and raised in the hillside of a small town, where we all practically knew each other, my parents provided my two sisters, my brother, and I the best childhood they could provide. My parents’ joint income could not send my siblings and I to college; however, that was no hindrance for them to continually encourage us to chase our aspirations and dreams – regardless of the cost or where they took us.

Now, ever since I was born, I recall always wanting to be a doctor.  In fact, I am the fifth successive generation in my family line to pursue either medical degrees or nursing. I believe medicine is a family affair. Nonetheless, since day one, I have known my career choice would be on the costly side. I additionally knew, birthed and raised in a Christian home that if being a neurologist was indeed a calling God placed on my life, he will truly provide the finances. Last June, I received an email stating that I had been chosen as the recipient of a large local scholarship. After reading the amount, my eyes instantly watered and my jaw flew open. I was overwhelmed. God answered my prayers. My blessing was right in front of my eyes. And God was parting the difficulties so that I could walk through.

Standing here before you would be impossible without scholarship donors like yourselves. Accredited to the generosity of individuals like you, less fortunate scholars like me have the chance to chase our dreams and make differences in others’ lives – just as you imparted a lasting impression and a difference in mine. I am very appreciative to every donor for selecting me to be a recipient of this scholarship. I feel increasingly touched and privileged to receive your much-needed support in my post-secondary studies. For me, this emotion is indescribable and knowing that such networks of support exist to assist scholars in their educational endeavors is relieving. Many students resort to hopelessness at thoughts of being unable to afford further education, and many do give up searching for sources of help. Therefore, I remain grateful to the scholarship donors present here today, for negating this mystery, for letting students across the country know that if they desire to pursue higher learning, hardly will financial matters restrain them.

I am highly content with my scholarship at this institution because this institution is highly devoted to neurology along with community service that even a student house exists whereby its residents are devoted to neurology. This openly demonstrates that neurology is not merely a university commitment; it resonates openly within the student body. This among further reasons is why this institution best suits my pursuit.  At this very institution, I foresee myself pursuing my ambitions and dreams; practicing what has been ingrained in my heart since I could barely speak and utilizing my occupation and unique talent to contribute to the common welfare of contemporary society meaningfully. I foresee myself in the libraries and laboratories and hopefully make significant contributions to others’ lives through medical discoveries.

I am highly favored and deeply honored to have received such a blessing which also came at a time when I was in the greatest need of it. I want to thank my parents for always believing in me and for always keeping my siblings and me in their prayers. I am also exceedingly favored to have my paternal and maternal grandparents with me this morning. But above all these, I am deeply thankful to scholarship donors for according to me such a scholarship. You will never entirely fathom the impact your charity has had on my life along with lives of other students. However, know this: you have supported, believed, and invested in my aspirations and dreams of studying medicine. And for this, I am humbled and will remain eternally appreciative. Thank you.”

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