Causes Of Religious Discrimination (Essay Sample)

Causes of religious discrimination

Discrimination is defined as a decision or an act that negatively treats or even proposing to treat a group based on a certain grounds of ideology which they belong to, but not on their attributes. The prospects of discrimination are certain characteristics possessed by individuals or groups which should be protected and respected. Some of the possible grounds of discrimination are religion, age, gender, race, disability among others. Discrimination can conspire directly or indirectly. The primary purpose of this article, therefore, is to discuss the possible causes of religious discrimination between different religions in the whole world.

Religious discrimination is now a major challenge to many individuals and groups in the various countries. In line with this, it has been noted that different individuals or groups are going through unfair treatment than others in similar situations due to their religion or belief. These worse treatments they receive can be due to a one-off action or simply resulting from a rule or policy in place. Therefore, when one talks about religious discrimination, it means differently treating an individual or group based on their religion and religious beliefs and practices. Most of the religious discrimination have different causes in different countries all over the world.

To begin with, most of the religious discrimination is as a result of the partial teaching of religion reciprocity. It is true that all major religions around the world based their teachings on ethics of reciprocity. This happens to be the main rule in Judaism, Christianity and also in other religions. All these religions teach that their members should offer treatment that they would wish to receive back on them through their wordings are slightly different. In Christianity Jesus is using the example of a Samaritan who is not a Jew to define ones neighbor as the whole human race. Unfortunately enough, most of the faith groups seem to have failed in their job by assigning the range of the ethic to cover only their membership. They poorly interpret these ethics to only apply to fellow believers. Some even tend to exclude followers of different faith groups but of the same religion. This, therefore, proceeds into considering others to be of less value than one’s group and finalizing into real active discrimination.

Secondly, religion discrimination can also be caused by the attitude of exclusivity and cause of fear to the follower. This is to say that many religions emphasize on their fails teachings saying that they are the only true religion unique with true knowledge about God. Some of the faith groups even feed their followers with rumors that the followers of other groups are worshipping Satan or demons. Such teachings at the end put their followers in error, making them worship a false god. All these threatening teachings have been largely disseminated at the expense of accurate knowledge. The teachers of this knowledge have an attitude of excluding their members from other religious groups causing religion discrimination.

Besides, religious discrimination is also caused by lack of accurate knowledge among the members of different religious groups. It is unfortunate that even the essentials of world religions are not taught in many public schools. Most faith groups also do not include important studies in the education classes of their youths on other faiths. In conclusion, therefore, religious discrimination is a major area of concern all over the world which has made many individuals and groups to be unfairly treated as compared to others under the same situations. Many have been denied an opportunity and privileges available to others leading to their exclusion based on what they believe on and practices or their religion. Religious discrimination is therefore caused by a different factor like the incomplete teaching of religion reciprocity, the attitude of exclusivity. These entire factors have to lead to fear, rejection, hatred, and finally religion discrimination.

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