Causes Of Happiness (Essay Sample)

Causes of Happiness

Having a stress free life can be quite a task. We always tend to find to fix our life problems at all costs in order to have some peace and quiet. Living in an environment free of chaos and tragedies is exactly what everyone would wish for. When peace and bliss prevail, life is prolonged. We always strive to find the sources of joy in our lives.

Every human being always desires to be successful and prosperous in life. We always endeavor to work hard and face all our life challenges head on in order for us to flourish in life. Meeting your life objectives and turning out to be who you have always wanted to be makes one blissful. Prosperity is the ideal key to a happy future. Once prosperous, one can live any kind of life he or she desires.

To many of us, living bountifully is what makes us happy. The quality of life we lead is what depicts our happiness. Having a beautiful house, lavish cars, friends of the same social status and most importantly money is a dream many want to accomplish. Many people believe that having a lot of money does buy their happiness. They can always have all the things that they have always dreamed of having since childhood.

Debts are what we always avoid running into. They can make one go insane and engage in dubious activities like drug abuse and gambling which usually result in dire consequences. Working hard and being committed to what we do can make us avoid being in debt. Paying our expenses and settling our bills always calms our minds. We live happily knowing that we have tackled one of the major hassling activities.

Achieving most of our objectives and being able to be live independently is the most ideal kind of life every human being aspires to encompass. Having gratitude towards God for the far He has made you go and what you have achieved puts an everlasting source of joy inside us.  Contentment brings about the feeling of ecstasy within us. We get to enjoy all the happiness that life has to offer.

The arrival of a new born in the family is the most vital source of joy in a family. When a baby is born, he/she is given all types of welcome parties. Many gifts are bought, relatives and friends come over to see the baby. When children grow up they fill the house and bring about some joy and laughter which was not there. Their running around the house and also engaging their parents in their activities brings about happy and unforgettable moments. It is always the joy of every parent to be there with their children in every step that they take and activity they engage in when growing up.

When growing up, we come to meet different people in life with totally different personalities. We tend to bond too much with some and just pass time with the others. It reaches a point when we grow distant of each other. We get to settle in different places and continue with our lives. It reaches a point we decide to bond. Organizing a get together, inviting everyone and getting to commemorate some of our past embarrassing and cherished moments relieves us of our boredom and loneliness. We get to enjoy ourselves and share our happiness.

In conclusion, one’s happiness comes about when he/she strives to work hard and challenge all the impediments that come along his/her way. Every human being strives to go beyond extreme lengths to find their sources of joy. We always attempt to ensure the welfare of our future being in order to have prolonged happiness.

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