Brain Drain In Pakistan (Essay Sample)


Pakistan is one of the most underrated countries in the world due to its close proximity to neighboring countries suffering from sectarian violence. Another reason is the threat of terrorism responsible for atrocities, mass violence, and intimidation by groups who want to terrorize the nation and surrounding countries. The political turmoil in Pakistan is one of the reasons why there is a brain drain in Pakistan. This paper aims to discuss why there are instances of brain drain in Pakistan that affects both local and international image of the country. It seeks to find out the cause, the effects, and the learning insights associated with the brain drain that is currently happening in Pakistan in the recent modern era.

Brain drain is the process of the emigration of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals from a certain country. When we say brain drain in Pakistan, this is relevant to the number of individuals who are constantly migrating from Pakistan to other parts of the world. The main reason is the current political turmoil in the country, in which the government is faced with multiple problems with regard to corruption, terrorism, land borders, and unstable political systems. The most concerning issue is the country’s constant sectarian violence, which is responsible for limiting the economic progression. Millions of individuals are living under a dollar a day due to the absence of sustainable jobs in the country. Pakistan has been bombarded with the spillovers of sectarian violence from other parts of the world such as nearby Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, India, Syria, and in West Turkestan on the western part of China that shares borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Kazakhstan.

As a result, Pakistanis who are still financially stable starts to immigrate to other parts of the world, primarily in the United States where there are lesser prevalence of violence. Europe is another most viable option for Pakistanis to transfer as well as in the Middle East where jobs are in demand. Intelligent Pakistanis prefers a society that are stable than to stay in their country that risks their security from the onslaught of terrorism and criminal elements of the society. This is becoming a concern for the Pakistani government because the potentiality of future leaders who should have been responsible for leading the nation, but opted to immigrate to other parts of the world. The reason behind is that there are more opportunities to become successful than to stay in a community that is riddled with constant violence and political instability.


It has been a sad scenario for Pakistan that some of their brightest millennials as well as current leaders who prefer to go abroad and seek for a greener pasture. The reason behind is that leaving the home country is the solution to prevent thyself from being at risk for any security threats will seek to secure their future. Since Pakistan is a developing country, practicality is the most usual concern for most of its citizens because they can no longer bare the intensity of political turmoil as well as incessant atrocities that happen to them on an everyday basis. If elevating their prosperity means that they will give up their citizenship by immigrating to other countries, Pakistanis will have no choice but to face these particular consequences to save them from being at risk for harm (Elsner, 2013).


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