Boxing Should Not Be Banned (Essay Sample)

Boxing should not be banned

Boxing is a show of might and strength. It is an entertaining game with many fans just like soccer and athletics. Despite its wide popularity, there have been claims in the recent past to have the game banned. The individuals in favor of banning boxing claim that boxing is a dangerous game meant to harm the participants. The game is perceived to be unsafe as the participants engaged in an emotional and physical exchange of blows and kicks. According to religious perceptions, the game is immoral since fighting is an abomination from the Holy Scriptures.  Enticing people to fight with an exchange of money is condemned in across the religious doctrines. However, the fans of boxing passionately support the game and claims that other sporting activities like swimming is worse than boxing. Based on this claim, this paper will critically examine why boxing should not be banned.

Universally, the fans of boxing have shown the loyalty and passion to Boxing games rather than other games like racing because it encourages physical fitness and discipline. Boxers are among the most disciplines sports personnel with utmost decorum. The trainers of boxers strengthen much on discipline rather than the score. Hardly can the participants of boxing be awarded a score without showing discipline and adherence to the rules and guidelines of game. Secondly, the participants of boxing sports hardly suffer from chronic hypertensive conditions. They are fit and younger than their age. Nutritionally, they have recommended Body Mass Index despite have big body size. Lastly, boxing enables young generations to look after their body and improve their self-esteem.

Though critics associate boxing as a dangerous game, the intent of boxing is not to injure the participants. However, the participants are trained on the specific regions of the body with maxing points. Boxers are interested in scoring, and they become good friends immediately after the much. Meanwhile, other sporting activities like car racing expose the participants too much danger than boxing. Secondly, the sports instills sobriety in young people. They are taught when to fight and how to fight. Ideally, boxers have no intention of fighting with people in the street. However, they unleashed their skills at critical points to protect their life and property. In other words, boxing games improve self-defense mechanism. For instance, several young girls have protected themselves from injustices like raping through boxing which stresses much on self-defense.

Finally, boxing helps young generation to maximize their hidden talents to earn medals and supports the community. Youths with exceptional talents are tasks with the right games where they can gradually nurture it and earn a living. World record holders in boxing are driving high-end cars. They are dining with the Kings. They have a good life to admire among the youths. Moreover, besides money and discipline, boxing stresses on a healthy diet. Boxers hardly complained about nutritional disorders like obesity and overweight. They lead a healthy diet as opposed to other sports personnel who adopts sedentary life. Furthermore, nobody is forced to participate in boxing. It is a personal decision and desire to participate, watch a fight. The extremists who do not love the sport have the liberty to ignore following the sports. In conclusion, boxing is a good game with discipline as the key guidelines. The game promotes healthy living and encourages the participants to adopt recommended nutritional guidelines. Most importantly, the sport is healthy for our youths particularly girls as it helps improve their shape and self-esteem. Ladies with boxing skills are much more secure from community injustices like raping which could depress them. Finally, participation in boxing is an individual decision, and no one is forced to participant or watch.

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