Books vs. Computers (Essay Sample)

 Books vs. Computers

Since invasion, computer has been the best invasion of all time apart from the invasion of fire. Nowadays most people prefer to use computer to books in their daily activities. Students prefer to research their homework using computer than books. This has seen different debate rising on whether computers should replace the books. However some people also prefer books to computers since they strongly believe in the words of books and the environment they have grown in has played an impact in supporting that books are more of better than computers. Research has therefore been carried out and findings were that children and teenagers as well as some aged people use computer often in doing research work compared to books. People believe that one can have eye problems since one strain a lot in reading the content of a computer. This is as a result of people often thinking that reading books is better in our health than computers. One puts emphasis on the issues associated with computer for instance, software power, internet and other technological issues. This has done people to prefer books since one can read anywhere using the natural light. As a result of so books have positive opinions and negative opinions as well as computers. The opinion varies depending on age, technology and culture in the society around as well as education level. This essay seeks to talk about books verses computers in the modern world.

Of late technology has improved much. Therefore schools should adapt to the modern trends. One can argue that instead of schools compiling books in the library of which they contain same information but put in different context, they should installs computers for children to do their research easily. Computers contain most documents required by one to learn. Books have been put in the website and students can easily access  and do their work instead of buying several books which increase the weight since one needs to carry all around for him or her to access the information needed. Due to improvement in technology, businesses have grown and large companies are established. This achievement has made the companies to connect transacting, order for goods and purchase them easily. If children are taught the use of computer at an early stage, one can adapt to the modern trends and improve their computer skills. In finding information for instance if you want to find the history of martin Luther king, one can open a computer page and access the information provided one has internet. Books are slowly being replaced by computer and people have opted to computer since they are fast and convenience. Although there are challenges that come with the computers such as influence on bad behavior and unhealthy condition associated with the computer but one has to bear witness that so far one can access the required, important information within seconds rather than purchasing lots of books for reference. According to the latest sales in eBooks, it has recorded 150% increase since people have preferred eBooks than books. This is significant since eBooks are the same as books only that eBooks are read using the computer. EBook has help minimize the cost of purchase and cutting down of trees for manufacture of paper since it is cheaper. One can argue that due to straining of eyes one can be incurred with health problems but to solve such problems e-glasses have been produced to cater for one’s sight during reading of eBooks. So far computers have replaced books the use of computers is on the rise…

In conclusion, books vs computers is a kind of debate that has seen people coming out with different opinions. Some conclude that computer are expensive compared to books but one can agree that the cost of entire books needed in one’s career is much more compared to the cost of a laptop. Information can be acquired within clicks of buttons and one can do research, retrieve information or request for information within seconds. The modern world has changed and so far computer s have been widely used or relied on than books. People should change and adapt to the modern world of technology.

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