Book Report Outline and How to Write a Better Book review

Before writing the book review

The first step in writing a review is the selection of a suitable book for the review. The selection process is dependent on the purpose of the book. For example, if the book review is part of an assignment, it is imperative to consider the goals of the assignment in the process of selection. To select a relevant book, the writer must first compare the contents of different books and determine the book that suits the questions to be answered in the assignment or suits any other purpose of the review. Selection of a relevant book with the relevant content in the initial step in writing a book review.

Book Report Outline Student

Introduce the type of book, its scope and its subject

Identification of the book by its author and other bibliographic information is the first step in the review. It is important to capture the problem addressed by the book and the qualifications of the writer that makes them an authoritative voice on the subject. In addition, it is important to establish the context of the book.

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Book Report Outline and How to Write a Better Book review

Summarize the content

Write a book summary that is devoid of personal opinions and propositions or any other content that is not present in the book. A summary should include quotations, the thesis of the book and the supporting material. The content of a summary is dependent on the requirements of the review. For example, if a book addresses multiple problems, the summary should be narrowed down to the relevant material.

Reactions to the book and conclusion

After a summary, a writer should write their opinion about the content and its relevance to the solution of the problem at hand. This section also includes pointing out of areas in need of further research by the writer and the comprehensiveness of the book in the opinion of the reviewer. The reactions give way to a conclusion that integrates the summary and the reactions to give the opinion of the writer on the subject of the original research question.

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