Book Is Our Friend (Essay/Paper Sample)

Book is Our Friend

Since the beginning of time, books have existed. Information was written on stone tablets, and manuscripts could become the basis upon which the laws of a nation could be written. Some of the most renowned global political and business leaders were inspired by the words they read in books. The various categories of books inspire, educate, embolden, correct, motivate, and mold individuals, resulting in the making of crucial decisions. Books are friends that one needs to embrace.

Among the various sources of entertainment and literature, books stand out. Due to time limits, movies might not be as detailed and accurate as the directors would like. It might fail to pass the desired message. A book is accurate and detailed. Its content is hidden deep in the pages, and like a real friend, one needs to unearth the content page by page to understand it. A friend is an individual whose character you cannot comprehend on the first day. That makes a book a reader’s friend.

Spiritually-related books, including the Christian Bible, Islam Quran, the Hindu Vedas, Jewish Torah, Theravada Buddhist Scriptures and other religious books guide over eighty percent of the global population in spiritual and moral aspects. They are books that define human life and behavior. Most believers treasure such books and spend most of their time reading and meditating on the book content. Such books thus become a person’s friend.

One can be easily deserted by ‘friends.’ Human beings like associating with success, not a failure. A famous, mighty person who suddenly becomes bankrupt or sick experiences the true nature of his ‘friends.’ He will be deserted and will have to endure loneliness he has never experienced before. With no genuine friends to turn to, such a person will often turn to literary sources to find advice and solace. By reading real and fictitious stories on how other people facing similar situations were able to forge successful futures, such individuals can get a new perspective on how to live.

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Most importantly, books shape opinions and decisions. Consequently, the choice of books that one makes is imperative in determining what gets into his mind and ultimately, how he will view the world. The friendship of ‘good’ books can prove to be the remedy in life but when one becomes friends with ‘bad’ books, he will become more dangerous than the most lethal weapons ever designed as a result of a combination of human knowledge and inspiration. Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists were inspired by misinterpretations of parts of the Quran. Terror groups are also being misguided by some books authored by evil-minded authors. Therefore, the choice of books and the way one interprets text contained in books matters how he will behave and what sort of person he will become in future.

A reader who solely reads inspirational books will have a positive outlook on the world, while one who likes propaganda materials will have a divergent and mostly pessimistic view of the world. The same applies for readers of romantic books. One can gain knowledge on how to love, how people across the world perceive others and situations, and other key aspects that define human life. One might never have gone to Rome or attended the famous Gladiator games, but the descriptions that an author offers in a book can inspire the reader to want to visit Rome and personally experience the scenarios described in books. Books, in this regard, are highly inspirational and can challenge the reader to take on actions he had never previously thought of.

Following up on steps laid out in renowned financial education books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and other motivational writers can help a reader to make key economic-related decisions that will lift him from poverty to affluence. Five years after becoming rich, one can look back and see that indeed reading such a book helped him make decisions that physical friends could not.

Philosophy books are particularly known for influencing individuals to reason and critique various aspects of human life. After reading a book by Bertrand Russell, David Hume, or other influential philosophers, one gains deep knowledge and becomes keen when dealing with other people, including real friends. The reader gains knowledge to critique every situation. It helps him to become a better person than before.

In the company of a good book, one finds time quickly going past him. It eases time and makes life fun. An interesting book can send one to the world he can only imagine a world so beautiful that he can always want to be lost in those pages. Whatever situation one is going through, he can always rely on a book for inspiration, education, enjoyment, and advice. A book is a friend. However, the choice of the book makes a whole difference in terms of how one perceives life.

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