Best Parties for College and University

There is a huge amount of  colleges and universities that are proud of their big parties. The recent survey in America shows that there are  ten top  party colleges and universities such as:

  • Penn State University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Illinois
  • The University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Ohio University,
  • Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY
  • University of Texas,
  • Montana State University (Bozeman)
  • Florida State University
  • University of  Southern California.

Let’s consider top six colleges and universities for  the best parties.

The University of California, Santa Barbara.

UCSB has one of the most stormy house party scenes in the states. Holding activities on huge events like Halloween, Deltopia,  Extravaganza, the University of California, Santa Barbara gained a reputation to be one of the nation’s best party! A great many of  huge house parties is provided  on Del Playa and other streets. On Friday and Saturday, strolling about Del Playa becomes a strife. Numerous  students participate in street parties.

University of Illinois.

Another huge part of students’ life and fraternities are always rich for such events as Beer and Pancakes, great Christmas parties events. These events are considered to be the biggest party day or weekend of the year. The drinking bout begins early in the morning and continues until everyone on campus has gone away.

University of Southern California.

A top football team is the coolest one in America. The University of Southern California provides  the best post-game party in college football. After the games, Song Girls and the team dance  and play in front of the student section for 45 minutes with the awesome spirit!

Ohio University.

Ohio University is known for Palmerfest. Palmerfest is an annual party in Athens, Ohio. It takes place in May on Palmer Street. Palmer Street is the main student neighborhood of Ohio University. A thousand of students from different universities around the state gather in this street. The Palmerfest party is held by residents of Palmer Street and surrounding grounds. Students  are almost exclusively students, who often construct temporary fencing around their houses and invite their friends and classmates. Partiesoften involve drinking activities.

The event often produces much garbage, and police are always beside the houses.

Montana State University (Bozeman).

The Testy Festival is about having a good time together with your friends and family.  Somebody says that it is an odd family reunion, because you usually see the same people every year.Here you can always have fun and find something to do. You can meet 300 people or up to 3,000 people this day! It depends on  what time or day you come at Testy Fest. Event days on Friday and  Saturday attract most people. They are: the Wet T-Shirt, the Ball Contest, The Ball Eating Contest, & the Undie 500.

 Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

In the Spring semester, students celebrate Dolphy Day. Dolphy is considered as the Oktoberfest of  Le Moyne College .This event is celebrated all the  day long. Friends, family and students from all over come to the campus to get a drink and great  party!

Each year, the actual date of Dolphy Day was kept close until the last moment in order to raise the excitement. During this event student miss classes and relax outside.They listen to music, especially, Frank Zappa’s song, “Eric Dolphy Barbecue.”

Dolphy Day has become a symbol of careless and fun. Students spend their time with friends outdoors after a long winter term. A key part of this event is that, each year, a “Wizard” is chosen.This person is a senior one; his or her personality is kept under secret until the event begins. The Wizard belongs to Le Moyne’s administration and to  fellow seniors. The party begins at about two or three a.m with  fireworks.

The festival continues until late afternoon. It  includes the following kinds of entertainment: live music, a barbecue that is usually attended  administrators, dancing, sports (with  football and Frisbee).

The 40th anniversary of Dolphy Day was  celebrated in  April 7, 2010. It  honored Eric Dolphy with a life-size bronze sculpture.

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