Best Mistake I Ever Made (Essay Sample)

My Best Mistake

No matter how big is a mistake you might have done, you should not be entirely sorry for that mistake might be the turning point you have always been waiting for. Sometimes, it is better taking the lemon that life has given you and turn it into something that resembles a lemonade. I am a living testimony of a mistake that made my life good instead of messing me up or destroying my whole school life. At first, I got frightened and felt stupid for the mistake, but later on, it came to my realization that the mistake was heavenly sent and it happened for a good reason.

I was sitting in front of a computer with my fingers glued to the keyboard in a prestigious cyber café whose internet was faster than the one we had at home, and the computer accessories in the café were the latest ones in the market. The weather was calm, and the blue sky high above the tallest buildings in town was dotted with patches of white clouds. Some meters away, monkeys could be heard chattering while jumping from tree to tree. I had been eagerly waiting for this day; it was on this very day that I was to apply for a chance to be admitted in one of the three high schools in town that offered the subjects that I wanted to major in. It was also the last application day. I was tensed and happy at the same time, for my future high school was one click away from becoming a reality.  I took in a deep breath, gazed at the computer’s monitor and clicked a key on the keyboard as per the instructions that were given, and the application was successfully sent.

Unfortunately, I had clicked a different button, and by doing so, my application had been sent to a different institution and not the one that I was yearning for. I immediately contacted the customer care’s desk of the government institution that was in charge of the application processes and informed them of what had happened. My query was well received, but I had to pay an additional fee to have my application reversed. At that moment, I had no money to pay, and my parents would have scolded me for having made such a stupid mistake. I begged them for an extension, but they refused. I walked back home, a mile away feeling very sad and disappointed. On reaching home, I pretended like everything was fine, kept what happened earlier on a secret and informed my parents that I changed my mind and chose a different high school.

Two weeks later, I got admitted to the high school that destiny had forced me into and majored in chemistry and biology, subjects that I never liked. After weeks of regrets, I changed my mind and took the subjects I majored in seriously. At first, things were difficult, but with time all was good. I did well in Biology though I faced some challenges in Chemistry. I went as far as doing projects and chaired most of Biology’s discussion session.  The high school that I missed got bankrupt because of poor management and was closed down and luckily I was not affected. The affected students in the other school had to wait for another one year to be admitted to other schools. Had I not clicked a different button, I might have ended up being sent home waiting for a year to be admitted to another school again.

Right now, two years down the line I will be graduating from the high school that I like and will soon be joining college. Clicking the wrong button and lying about it, has become the best mistake that I have ever made for it changed my life completely.

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