Benefits Of Modern Education (Essay Sample)

Benefits of modern education

Educations plays a critical role in our lives including preparing young children for their future careers and shaping their perception about the world. It is indeed a factory which transforms a human thinking process to resonate with the world around him. Over the past few centuries, education has evolved to mirror the demands and the needs of the society. Many inventions and discoveries have been made that have enhanced our ability to exploit the resources we have in the world for our own good. Education is at the root of these abilities and helps new generations to develop new better ways to co-exist with ourselves and nature while harvesting the never-ending things it has to offer. Therefore, today modern education has narrowly focused on these factors and structured to enhance our understanding of environment to further develop ways we can use to efficiently and sustainably use to our environment for our own good. Therefore, there are many advantages of modern education few of which are discussed here below.

Modern education increases our understanding of the environment and ways we can conserve it. Virtually all the products humans and other species need for survival come from our environment and therefore understanding how to preserve it is crucial to the current and future generations. Modern education teaches how we can adopt better and sustainable environmental practices that do not threaten the environment while attempting to create new innovative tools and products to achieve this goal. Modern education also focuses on futuristic technology where our world is heading to and attempts to prepare us psychologically and mentally on how to deal with the challenges it will pose and opportunities it will present. For example, the future of artificial intelligence and robotics is expected to bring new opportunities and threats to humans and therefore modern education seeks to address these problems beforehand.

Modern education also helps us to understand our past and history. Our history helps us to be weary of the pitfalls previous generations faced while equipping us with necessary knowledge to deduce informed decisions to address the challenges that we face today. Knowledge on genealogy and evolution and origin of earth and the species on it helps students understand their origin and existence which is key to personality development and identity. Modern education also attempts to solve the current problems we face as humanity through research. Many higher learning institutions have research facilities which bring together human ingenuity from various backgrounds to solve some human problems we face today. These problems include diseases like cancer, global warming, etc to enhance the quality of our lives and ensure our lives’ longevity and sustainability of our planet.

In the past few decades, information age was ushered in by the computing era. It continues to permeate every level of our lives and we are increasingly dependent on it. Our education system has therefore been modified to incorporate this phenomenon to ensure more utility of what it offers and to enhance it further to continue enhancing the quality of our life. The education also embodies how to improve, maintain and troubleshoot the computing systems which has be incorporated in almost all sectors of our lives.

Succinctly, modern education is a product of many processes and modifications which have continually been done to the education system to improve its quality and applicability to our lives. It therefore, has been tuned to ensure it serves the needs of the current and future generations while attempting to offer solutions to our current world problems. Its functions and methods of teaching revolve around these elements to ensure maximum benefit and utility to those who seek it while ensuring their skills are relevant and applicable to achieve this purpose.

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