Benefits Of Group Communication (Essay Sample)

Benefits of group communication

Communication is essential in human life. Human beings are the only creation in the universe who rely on the effective communication for successful life. Even though the melodious sounds of birds can also be categorized as another form of communication, however, humans have advanced formal communication. Effective communication enhance cooperation and interaction within the corporation as well as the society. Most fundamentally, communication serves the purpose of socialization. Effective communication in an organization is essential for planning and motivation of employees. Regardless the aims and objectives of the group, communication is a key aspect of success for an organization.

Effective group communication is extremely significant. Communication immensely correlates positively with various aspects of group’s output. Good communication entails encoding and decoding of information. There is often utmost commitment, dedication and job satisfaction amongst the groups and organization with effective communication. Usually, the transmission of information should be effective and efficient from the speaker to the audience. The recipient should have the capacity to encode and decode pieces of information delivered to them on time. Most essentially, the group’s communication channels should remain consistent regardless the form of communication. Impartial communication in the group often contributes low commitment, stress and trust issues among the members.

Secondly, effective group communication improves productivity and enhances good workflow. Fundamentally, effective communication improves the morals understanding among the group members. There is often mutual understanding in groups with good communication. However, inconsistent communication contributes chaos and disagreement in groups. It is important to maintain effective group communication to ensure growth and sustainability of the group. Poor group communication often results in disunity and misunderstanding among the various parties in the group. Conflicts are unhealthy aspect which jeopardizes the unity and the productivity of the group. However, effective group communication is significance in harmonizing and uniting the conflicting members of the group. Communication, therefore, plays a fundamental role in ensuring peace, unity, and harmony among the group members.

Third, group communication is vital in ensuring participation and involvement of all employees towards contributing to the greater goal of the organization. Effective group communication enhance sharing of ideas and promote creativity and innovation culture in the group. The learning process is inevitable when the group members exchange information pertaining the emerging issues in the society. Secondly, sharing of ideas in the society is vital for sustainable group and development of the group. Moreover, group communication also enables the group members to discuss and explore social problem about their organization and find the better solution. These problems could be too detrimental to the success of the group. In other words, communication helps to keep the employees informed on pertinent issues that would otherwise lead to discomfort among the group members. The group members can voice their likes and dislike about the group. The group members are therefore freed from stress and unnecessary discomfort within the group.

In conclusion, ineffective group communication has great economic ramifications on the growth and development of the group. Most importantly, poor communication hinders members from voicing their concerns pertaining the broader goals and objectives of the group. Members also become time unconsciousness thus less productivity in the group. Group success relies on the transfer of skills and experience from one person to another. This is required uninterrupted communication process among group members. There should be effective back and forth flow of information from the topmost hierarchical personnel to the junior members of the group. This will enhance transparency, accountability, and integrity of the group. Whether verbal or nonverbal communication process, the communication channel should be concise, transparent and open to every group members.

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