Before I Die (Speech Sample)

It may seem strange for anyone to be thinking about death at any time, but I would want to write what I want to do before I die. Thinking about death is one of the scary things, no one wants to talk about, but there are many things I would like to accomplish before I die. I want to live a life that I will not regret when I die because we only live once so I want to take advantage to this opportunity to live an exciting life. I want to achieve as much as I can and accomplish everything I always dreamt of.

The first thing I would want to do before dying is to build a good relationship with all my friends and my family members. When I became a teenage mother, most of my friends abandoned me including some of my family members. My father felt that I had let him down. I would want to reconcile with him because having a good relationship with my father is the most important thing to me since we used to be close in the past. I want my father to know that I still need him, so I do not want to die knowing that I do not have that one special person on my side.

I would also want to accomplish many things have always dreamt of.  I want to be like Martin Luther King Jr who made a difference in the world, and he is always remembered for his greatness. Like Martin, I want people to remember me for doing something great as a young person.  Most teenagers abuse drugs and have become alcoholics. I want to help these young people to become responsible citizens, and I want to be remembered as a someone who inspired them to change their ways.

Before I make a difference in the world, I need to know my purpose and find myself, only then that I will be able to love myself and appreciate others.  I have always been someone keep emotions and never let anyone know how I feel. There are times when I cannot understand myself; I have grown up not knowing who I am. That is why I need to find myself first because I would be able to control my emotions and how I feel and also help others overcome their problems .I need to know myself because I will know how others feel and I can be in a better position to understand them. I want to know myself better before dying so that I know what I want in life.

I want to make use of my time when I am alive to discover my purpose on earth. I want to take my time to explore by travelling to many places to meet new people, make new friends and reunite with my old friends to make life meaningful and fulfilling. By appreciating the little things in life, this would make me see the world from a different perspective. I want to help young people like me achieve their goals in life. Even though death can be scary for many people, it’s good to understand that at one point in life we would be exiting this world.  We cannot prevent it from happening; it can come anytime. Thinking about all that I want to accomplish, I realize that I don’t have much time because death is unpredictable it can happen anytime. I plan to live my life to the fullest rather than waste it and end up regretting in future.

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