Autobiography Of Umbrella (Essay Sample)


It is true that everybody knows my name. Well, my work describes my name. However, for those who do not know me, I am an umbrella with a steel structure covered in a navy blue taffeta. I left my home shop with a companion who holds me in his palm. The young gentleman admires me a lot due to the navy blue color. However, he fell asleep on a bus and forget to carry me with him to the destination.

I was alone for awhile before a beautiful young lady arrived next to my seat. Angel, her daughter, noticed my location and picked me up. Wow! At last, I have found my favorite friend. Angel was aware of my numerous functions. She boarded the bus wet due to the drizzles outside while got scorched by the sun during the late morning hours walking to the library. Besides, Angel knows that I will keep all the water off her during the next bus stop hence will remain dry during the wet weather in the evening. On a separate note, her mother who spends much of the time outdoors will feel comfortable.

Reducing temperature underneath is my positive quality. I am ready to cover anybody from the rain and sunlight. Therefore, Angel never hesitated to appreciate the best solution to her immediate problems. At the next station, she grabbed me gently by the waist, and we headed home happily. Mr. Philip, Angel’s father could notice the happiness in her eyes and Angel replied handing me over to him. She explained how she found me lonely and could not hesitate to have me by her side. Wow! I realized that the same handsome and young man who took me from my home was Mr. Philip.

Angel took me to the play ground and requested for shade. She could not believe her eyes. The navy blue color was brighter under the sun. I became part of her fashion painting in her colorful room beside a rain protector. Every weekend I accompany Angel and the family to a shopping mall where I notice some of my friends. I enjoy most of the time I accompany one of the family or the whole family for a walk. I become live and feel warm in the presence of sunlight. In other occasions, I get wet due to rain fall, and I thank the family of Mr. Philip for keeping my existence lively. In the streets, I hate the roads and streets where I get a lot of competition from vehicles with numerous colors. However, I love footpaths and narrow streets with minimal colors hence I become prominent. Most of the time, I accompany Angel within the narrow street since I am portable, movable and foldable.

I am happy to be part of the family of Mr. Philip. Everybody loves to carry me. However, Angel takes time to wash me whenever she stays at home and ensures that I sleep amongst her best toys she keeps in a corner within her room. Sometimes, I feel sad due to her jealousy towards her mother who demands to take me away all the time. I love the whole family and miss every person whenever she hides me in her room. However, this place is full of comfort away from the shop where I was feeling congested amongst the bigger umbrellas that blocked me away from seeing the companions. Thus, I stayed longer in the dark room only hearing the voices of customers who bought some of my colleagues. I am thankful for the family of Mr. Philip who made me realize my potentials and the importance of my existence.

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