Autobiography Of The Moon (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of the Moon

I am the moon, my name is Luna. I have been together with sister Earth who people call their mother. Through eons of time, we have danced together, in the vastness of space, in the Father Sun’s surrender. I have been placed in the most perfect location, in order to assist the time’s transition. And now as I see, the struggle of humanity, I come into my power. Throughout history, I have witnessed thee, and saw how humans conquered. I have seen how they have slaughtered, and saw how they have faltered. And throughout time, mankind cannot deny, the sins they have committed. But now they have the time to show the change they have become. By shining my light, in these darkest nights, I wish to share the inspiration. That if every nation, hand in hand and in unison, in open communication, the unending love of this universe through Gaia’s invocation, and yours truly, Luna’s motivation.

I am the biggest of the earth’s satellite because I am the default option. Before life began, I have been in place in Gaia’s side and we have a permanent interaction. As I am placed 384,400 km away from my sister Gaia, I harmoniously influence the tide and weather of the whole planet. Any closer or farther than this average distance, my presence can be devastating rather than nurturing. From this distance, the miniscule effects of my gravitational pull have become an inseparable part of the earth’s rhythm. I bring high tide and low tide which is a balance to the fish and corals of the ocean. As I circle the planet I bring nurture to the rivers, seas and mountains. In our dance around Father sun, we have made countless possibilities for life and nurture, and yet, as we dance, death and decay has always come, but in our perception, it is but a small transition within a cycle that repeats itself and yet is somehow different with every instance. For the existence of life is but a small fraction in the perception of myself, the planet, and especially the sun and stars. For what are we all, but ancient stardust, a miniscule part of an ancient light, a primordial bang, the Big Bang. And perhaps, that is still true now in the perspective of the infinite, that we are forever that explosion of light, the small result of the “One”, the essential effect of the unfolding of fate in this vastness of space.

Throughout time, my presence in earth’s existence, especially through human history, has been a special time as humans have given me the not only the title, but also the worth and value of my service to my sister. Humans have discovered the benefits and the harmony that my presence radiates for the beings on earth. The countless species of animals and plants in the planet have incorporated my existence as an integral part and aspect of their everyday lives. Humans have used my occurrence and location as one primary object of their calendars. Different cultures have different approaches and yet when it comes to my existence, there is a unifying factor. That my phases of the moon and the orbit it produces around the earth is a cycle that is dancing with the sun, planets, and stars and that the uniform face that I present the earth is as much a mystery as my origin, or the baffling coincidence of my distance and location from the sun and earth to produce the most wonderful solar and lunar eclipses. For all my mysteries, humanity is yet to know them, all I know for now, and for the time that I have existed and will exist, is that I love the Earth so very deeply, and I want to shower it and the beings in it with my magnificence and power.

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