Autobiography Of School Bag (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of School Bag

My name is Tommy and I am a purple school bag. While I do not have a problem with the color purple, I always tell my friends that I would have preferred to brown instead but fate or my tailor had other plans. My life has been quite a challenge but somehow, I always end up hopeful with each passing day. I was conceived in a tailoring shop in Italy and like humans, I always loved and enjoyed being in the country. I loved the cities as well as the fact that everyone else loved the country. However, despite my plans and love for Italy, fate had other plans and this became apparent when after several months I found myself in a plane and on my way to the United States. Events leading to my departure from Italy appeared funny to me and that is where I realized humans are funny, warm, and weird at the same time, especially the little ones. In this article, I will explain my encounter with a little human whom they call children and the weird but warm love she had for me.

It all happened fast and I found myself on the back of Jane. Jane was 7 human years old and when she visited the Milan Mall with her parents, she saw me and that is when her love for me was born. Jane run fast towards the stall where I was hanging and started told the old humans whom they called parents that she wanted me. The events seemed weird to me but since they were not the first bunch of humans to act that way, I decided to ignore them. However, Jane started to cry and her parents had no other option but to get me. I waved at Jane but she was busy thanking her parents and letting them know that she will do well in school. At the back of my mind I felt like Jane had blackmailed her parents but since no one asked for my opinion, I decided to keep my mouth shut. Jane happily put me in her back and gave me the name Michelle. I tried yelling that I am not a girl but she either ignored me or she was simply was not interested in what I was saying.

Once Jane’s family was finished with their rendezvous at the mall, they went back to their hotel and that is when I learned of their plans to move to the US. I screamed at the top of my lungs and made my intention to stay in Italy clear. However, like it happened at the mall, everyone ignored me. Jane was elated about going to school with me and showing me to her friends which I found sweet. However, since my opinions did not matter to her, I decided to keep my warm comments to myself this time.

When it was time to leave Italy, I was sad but my mood was elated at the thought of being in a plane and in the sky for the first time. Jane also seemed nice and her promise to take good care of me brought me close to tears. Over the years, I had seen cruel humans who never looked at me twice or who did not even treat other well. However, Jane helped me see the other half and to realize that some are genuinely nice. When she opened school, Jane did as she promised and throughout her early school life, she took great care of me and loved me unconditionally.

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