Autobiography Of Rose Flower (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of Rose Flower

I am Rose. I am a beautiful red flower that blooms in a garden full of rose flowers. I wilt because I live a life that lasts only for a few days. When I was a little bud, in a huge flower garden, the gardener would come to water me as well as he did to other buds and he would look at us and smile. One day while he watered me, he said nice things about me; he told me that one day I would bring joy into someone’s life. I really wondered how I would bring joy into someone’s life.

Back in the days, when I was a little bud, I looked at other rose flowers that bloomed. The gardener saw this, smiled, and later he plucked them. The rose flowers were kept all in one basket and I wondered where he took them. Would the gardener pluck me too some day and place me in a basket? I asked myself. As I waited patiently, I kept wondering, why the gardener told me that I would bring joy into someone’s life. Will other flowers too bring joy into someone’s or people’s life? Perhaps I would find out someday.

I am so pleased with the beauty of other rose flowers around me. I am even more pleased when I imagine how beautiful I am, after all, I and other rose flowers are alike. One morning as the sun rose, I was fully bloomed as the light shone on me. I was large in size with a bright red color that attracted the gardener and visitors. Every time the gardener and other people came into the garden, they were very happy. All I could see on their faces were smiles and I could tell that they really appreciated each of us and that made us all very happy.

When you hear people whispering about your beauty and elegance, it thrills you beyond your understanding. You feel as if you are on top of the whole world. I do agree that I am so beautiful and my whole species as well. My species exists in variety of colors; some are red like me, some are pink, lemon, and even some are black in color. I have to agree that my species is a combination of much taste and whoever picks up one of us, am pretty sure they had a smile on their face.

We stand in a public garden that I believe is a park because I see different people daily who pass by and also few gardeners come to look after us. The gardeners look after us, they water us, prune us, and this happens daily to make sure that we look neat. Maybe this is done to us including me to create an elegant impression to our visitors. Sometimes the gardeners require cuttings to plant somewhere else and this is a very painful process because the gardeners use scissors no me. Even though this is a painful process, am very pleased because I know how much my species means to the society and that makes me proud to have belonged to the species with so much to give.

As I watched people pass by, other people came in while other people went out of the garden, some people would pluck some of us. The gardeners gave few people permission to do so but some were very wicked because they stole some of us. I was really unhappy because no one has the right to steal especially whatever someone has worked hard to achieve. Some people even came to buy us and I wondered why but one day I heard someone ordering a bouquet of rose flowers so that they can be used of a wedding ceremony. I knew from then on that this was what the gardener was referring to when he told me that one day I would bring joy into someone’s life.

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