Autobiography Of Earth (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of Earth

Throughout millions of years which for me, has only felt like days, I have developed continuously. From nothingness into everything, I have witnessed every change. From darkness to brightness, many things have changed and there are moments I never thought I would survive it all. There are species that are no longer here with me now yet they have been with me for a long time.

Lately, things have been getting difficult for me. Pollution has hit me hard. What I have tried to cultivate for a long time is now being taken away from me by humans who consider me as their home. It’s very saddening that they don’t seem to care about what’s happening to me. My oceans are filled with garbage. Sea creatures are lessening because they can no longer breathe because of both trash and oil spills. In my lifetime, my biggest enemies are humans and their creations. Most of their so-called advancements and innovations do nothing but to give me a harder time surviving.

Aside from my oceans, my mountains and fields are also depleting in their condition. They are no longer beautiful as they were before. They are being taken for granted by humans and not being taken care of. In mountains, my trees are being cut away. Some of these trees are more than hundreds of years old yet humans do not know of their importance. It is through these trees that I am able to give them oxygen. If they cut too much of them, there would come a time that breathing would be given a price as well. As of the moment, humans are still wasting water despite the fact that my resources will never be infinite. There will come a time that all these will be gone and they have no one else to blame but themselves.

The many changes that I am experiencing right now can go for the worse if it’s not taken care of. As much as I want to remain inhabitable for everyone, I can only do so much. What I need is the right understanding and attention from every human; I could possibly survive but as long as I feel being abused, I would be far from being cured.

When I look at my entirety, I want to think that I still have hope and that humans would somehow realize that they need to look back at their actions and realize that they need to start being more conscious of what they contribute to the world. Plastics, for instance, constantly give me a hard time. These are the things that keep polluting me everywhere. Only recently have my ozone layer been depleted. The air humans are breathing keep getting dirtier. This is because of their fault. Everything they do contribute to the well-being of the Earth.

In my time of existence, I have witnessed different phenomena. Some are man-made and some are just simply caused by timing—some would call it destiny. During the time when humans were still far off the Earth’s timeline, I have seen asteroids and meteors destroy great parts of me. Many species were wiped out and it saddens me how everything is temporary. There will come a time that the sun will reach its peak as a star and it will explode, enveloping me in its flames. Everything will come to an end, including the Earth. What I want to experience as long as I’m here, with the humans inhabiting me, is that for them to give a little bit more care—a little bit more understanding so that I can provide for them things that they need so they can continue living comfortably.

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