Autobiography Of A Sun (Essay Sample)

Autobiography Of A Sun

I, as the sun have been always playing an important part of your lifetime. You always seek energy source that comes from me as your sun. This is simply because we are located within the lifeline of the solar system where the conditions are perfect for every life form to develop. Sun is responsible for giving life to our planet. This is because my own ultraviolet rays and my surface temperature makes the Earth sit in a habitable zone.

I was formed 4.6 billion years ago when a cluster of red hot cloud, dusts, and minerals generated a magnetic force that generates energy. When I was born during that period, I generated a sudden burst of energy called nova, allowing masses of energy to generate a harmonious process, creating a circular celestial body. I transformed into a circular body accompanied by a fusion of energy that are composed of hydrogen, nitrogen, magnetic force, helium, magnesium, and sulfur, making it as a new star. After formation, I left behind numerous clusters of celestial bodies that became planets. The sun generated a circular dynamic force that allow celestial objects to form and started their orbits. After the planets were born, I already became the center of the solar system.

There are at least 8 major planets that surround my celestial body. These are the Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Pluto was considered as a major planet but was demoted as a minor planet along with its smaller outer planets with larger orbits surrounding the my body. In the modern era, there are at least more than 20 planetary objects that revolve around me in a continuous process.

In religious aspects, there are several religious deities in both past and present that sees me as their god. The main reason is that the sun provides life to Earth. Ancient civilizations created several mythologies that associate sun to other celestial beings responsible for creating the world. Since the sun is believed to be above mankind, they consider the sun as the ultimate or Supreme Being. I provide lights every life form in order to survive. Many rituals are applied by ancient and present animist groups who want to beg for mercy and to ask for forgiveness from the sun.

In biological sense, I am one of the most important sources of energy in planet Earth. The energy it released nourishes life forms in your planet that creates a chain of biological reaction. The ultraviolet light coming from my body penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere, transforming into an essential ray of light that activates enzymes. When enzymes are activated, it creates building blocks of life. The rays of my arms are responsible for creating numerous life forms across the planet since it was created several billions of years ago.

I am valuable, I am invincible, and I am reliable for most celestial bodies that surround me in my own system. As a celestial body, I am capable of providing a long-lasting support to any planet and all celestial bodies that surrounds me. However, I am also capable of ending a celestial body’s life. This is once I will start entering the phase of transforming into a supergiant. As for now, enjoy while I still provide the best life supporting system before I transition into a hazardous celestial body.

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