Autobiography of a School Desk (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of a School Desk

From Monday to Friday, I witness the everyday life of students in school. To be a school desk can be dull, especially during vacations when no students are around. However, once the semester starts and I watch various activities each day, I fully appreciate my purpose. I like being a school desk because I can see how students are learning on a daily basis as well as watch them interact with their fellow students; however, I absolutely detest being treated slovenly.

A school desk’s life can be entertaining as I get to observe a student’s academic growth throughout the year and realized that it is different for every learner. With my first student, I was amazed with her learning progress. She was the first honor and had excellent memorization and thinking skills. She liked writing notes and actively participated in diverse school events. Moreover, I love her because she took care of me. She gets angry when someone pushes her desk and she avoids writing anything on me. In other words, she was perfectly clean and organized. The next student was not as intelligent as her, although he was good in sports. Like my first student, he hated his desk to be hit by anything and anyone. Throughout the years, I relish the experiencing of meeting a new and different friend. I have had different students use me and because of them, I learn more about the processes and outcomes of teaching and studying.

As a school desk, I also enjoy watching how students develop and express their social skills. I like seeing how each student is different when they communicate with their teachers and fellow classmates. For instance, I had a student who was very friendly. She always invited her friends over to her desk, and they talked about the things they love, such as computers and mobile games. Whenever she was with her friends, I sensed her happiness and felt happy as well. Others were not as friendly and liked to keep to themselves. Nevertheless, they have at least one close friend and shared secrets, like why they hated some of the teachers. They disliked Mrs. Cruz the most because she got easily irritated when students ask her questions. One time, Lucille was writing something on me when Mrs. Cruz saw her. She took the paper, saw that it was unrelated to the class, and crumpled it. She banged the desk and told Lucille to never pass notes during her class again. Lucille bit her lips and tried not to cry. I wish I had hands to hug her. She was a nice girl, always neat with her things. Her only flaw was her incessant talking and interacting with her friends. From my viewpoint and as more students use me, I admire these social skills that usually flourish throughout the school year.

Though I love my life, there are some things I abhor, particularly messy, aggressive students. Some students make significant mess. They have unclean hands and transfer their muck to me. Most of the time, they write on me too, which angers me the most. I do not appreciate being treated as paper. I am a desk after all! Furthermore, I hate students who are rough with their desks and chairs. Some of them just push me around or hit me. I know that you think I am an inanimate object but because I have been serving humanity for so long, I feel hurt whenever I am physically abused in any way.

I love being a school desk because in general, I have a good life. Being a desk gives me the opportunity to learn from students as well as meet different kinds of individuals. Furthermore, I adore seeing the social growth of my students as if they were my own children. Nevertheless, I dislike those who are untidy and disorderly as they make me feel that they disregard the value of my existence in their life. Though I experienced unruly students, I continue to look forward to being a school desk until I rot as it gives me true fulfillment. As long as I have significance in the life of students, I will continue serving them as a dependable school desk.

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